Chula Vista BayFront, Issue Two


May 2008 DEIR on Bayfront Master Plan

By Theresa Acerro


Something For Everyone

by Susan Luzzaro


The Responsibilities of the Chula Vista Redevelopment Corporation


The results of a Poll about the Chula Vista Bayfront


A History of Gaylord's Activities Elsewhere in the USA


Report on Pacifica's Position on Landswap 11/24/07 to Board of NWCA

by Allison Rolfe, Director of Planning for Pacifica Companies


Ralph Hicks &Leslie Nishihira from Port with Deni Stone (city of CV) at Crossroads II 9/20/07 (includes video of flyover, and some additional information)

Chula Vista Bayfront Report

By Theresa Acerro, President of SWCVCA http://www/