Allison told the members of the NWCA board that it has been discovered that all the infrastructure on the bayfront may have to be done together instead of in phases as once planned.


It is still not known if this will pencil out for the city, port, Gaylord and Pacifica.



The landswap is the key to having a Signature Park if Gaylord insists upon being in the spot where the park was originally planned. Allison was initially concerned that if Mayor Cox didn't support the land swap, it could undermine the CAC's master planning efforts. However, this no longer seems to be the case. Also, the Port and Pacifica are in negotiations about the land swap. Pacifica wants to make sure the swap includes the H-15 parcel because that makes the deal pencil out for them. State Lands Commission indicated that the swap including the Otay Parcels would meet its criteria, so now that Pacifica has agreed to not build on Otay, H-15 has been added to the mix (and would meet State Lands criteria because it has an even lower value then the Otay parcels).

There is an L-shaped ditch now on the property Pacifica is trading for. This ditch is a wetlands, but is very contaminated. It now appears that the ditch must be destroyed to restore it. It probably would not have any biological value with high buildings on either side of it, even with a 50 foot buffer. Picture A shows the massing and height of the buildings if the ditch is restored.

It is being proposed that the ditch be destoyed and not restored, allowing buildings to be built in this area. Picture B shows the difference in height and massing of the buildings without the ditch. Pacifica would of course have to mitigate this loss by restoring wetlands somewhere else where they would be more viable and useful for wildlife.