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The 1/35 (BIG!)Scale Kit Gallery

The BIG SCALE! Gallery

Blackhawk DONE

The MRC 1/35 Blackhawk, enhanced with a ton of strip stock, wire, Cobra Company upgrade set and Eduard PE sets, is done!!! Read the full article on this big kit. It has been a major effort, and well worth the shelf space.

MH6J Little Bird

From the Loach below, comes the current SpecOps version, MH6J Little Bird MELB
"Mission Enhanced Little Bird" Dragon 1/35 AH-6 kit with Cobra Company conversion. Up to six operators can ride on the planks on the outside of the little beast!   Man, just imagine THAT ride!   Click here to read the article
on how I built this kit.
disclaimer: These machines are literally one of a kind, and change very quickly in service. This model represents one machine I picked, as it appeared AT THAT MOMENT in time. Thank you.

OH6A Light Observation Helicopter


My sincerethanks to Capt. Hugh Mills who flew OH6's and AH1G's.

This model represents his last mount during the Vietnam War, Miss Clawd IV.

The kit is Dragons very nice OH6A Cayuse with Miss Clawd IV markings. Also included are M60 for
the doorgunner,AR15, M16 and various other weapons subcomponents.

Front Quarter view showing off the detailed interior.

I covered the seats in nylon stocking material, added wiring and detail to the panel, installed a temp probe made from a straight pin, scratchbuilt my pilots harness and buckles.
I scratchbuilt a number of grenades for the back seat and placed them in a Verlinden wooden (resin)crate, and hung a number of them (along with canteens) along a belt hung on the back of the Pilots seats. Commo cords, extra links for the 60, map case, maps, etc etc etc round out the interior.

Right view shows off some of the weathering technique applied.

I base coated with OD after preshading with pure black and dark grey. Then I blew in panels with lighter OD. The whole model was then weathered with umber oils.

Side view showing overall weathering and the panel preshading/highlighting.

The smoke grenades strung in back are red and white, made from stryrene strip, block and tubing.

OH58D Kiowa Warrior
by MRC

United States Army OH58D circa 1989 A great kit to begin with, I detailed the engine and interior with a ton of wire,etc, coke can in the AVBAY and added Tamiya mechanics and tools. The paint is an interesting tonal variation technique which provides a false sense of panel depth. Overall color is a custom mix of dark green, forest green,black and brown. This is a GREAT kit!

These Easter Eggs are from DML's nice McDonnel Douglas 500 series, from which the Loach above sprang.

Hughes 500E in modern Los Angeles Sheriff's Department markings, I added interior details, an FM antenna, wired the searchlight, made a rappelling adapter and gave it this colorful paint job, which is mostly decal.

McDD's technology demonstrator from the late 80's, the 530MG was used to sell the type to nations that could not afford the high priced AH1 Cobra or similar machines. It carries twin 12.7mm gun pods and has FLIR and targeting/visionics pods on the masthead. I found this paint job, which is one of several used to sell the type over the years.

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© David Campbell, 9 October 2001