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the middle ages

It's cold outside and the sound of cracking thunder is closing in is closing in. the rain fills gutters and makes a sound on concrete. On a flat roof a boy is leaning against a wall of rain head held high calling come on thunder come on thunder.. SOMETIMES when I look deep into your eyes I swear I can see your soul

It seems so long ago

here is me on summer solstice at jena and sindy's house in westminster. we went to oniell regional park late at night and had a bonfire, way cool..

May Day Revisited

this is me the day afer May Day checking up on our May Pole. That May Day was so kick ass, all my freinds and I had a midnight picnic of strawberry wine and other epicurian treats and then when we were nicely drunk, we danced the maypole. We decorated this tree with crepe streamers, glittery tinsle, roses and carnations. as a finishing touch i sprayed the top of the tree with silly string. (use your imagination) then someone really wanted a bonfire to jump, so we had one real quick like and put it out before we got aressted. all in all, it was a really memorable night. there's May Day 2000 pictures if you want to see them

May Day Revisited

wether he knows it or not. This was taken at one of the many party's he held at his ultra cool old downtown fullerton apartment. John would throw the best parties at his place, so great Justin went so far as to arrange John's "loud party" citation in a beautiful frame, it looked like an award. psst, hey john, u rok!
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