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May Day at Hillcrest Park

Maypole, Maypole
You spun me round
and knocked me off my axis mundi.
Maypole, Maypole
The ties that bind you will soon unwind
to free me one day. 
Everything decays, everything decays.
Forest tumble down to make the soil
Planets fall apart
just to feed the stars
and stuff their larders.
And what made me think were any better?
What made me think we'd last forever?
How could I be so naive?
Of course it all unweaves. 

-Andy Partridge 

This is our maypole at Hilcrest Park...

I have to admit, this maypole looks rad! I think it's cause we had a lot of streamers and flowers this time. We drank strawberry wine and ate strawberries and laughed and had a great ol' time.

We had so much fun! we got to hilcrest park at like
9:30 after looking unsuccesfully at the Brea Dam for a 
tree. It was very overgrown at the Dam so we couldn't
get close enough to the trees to set up a Maypole. We 
use trees cause when you live in the city people look 
at you funny if you try and erect a 20 foot pole in 
the middle of downtown. Besides, Trees look cool when 
they're all done up. 

When we first got there this black cat 
came up to about 5 yards from us 
and just watched. 
I thought that was a good sign. 
We didn't get a pic of the cat though, 
she walked away before 
I could grab my camera. 

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