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Maypole, Maypole
You spun me round
and knocked me off my axis mundi.
Maypole, Maypole
The ties that bind you will soon unwind
to free me one day. 
Everything decays, everything decays.
Forest tumble down to make the soil
Planets fall apart
just to feed the stars

and stuff their larders.
And what made me think were any better?
What made me think we'd last forever?
How could I be so naive?
Of course it all unweaves. 

-Andy Partridge 

Your Humble Hostperson

The Picture Taker

Gearin' up for the Big Ta Do... Randy asks, "When are we gonna start? I wanna start now!"

"Positions everyone!"

The best of intentions..

always disolve into...


Art Nouveau

Flowers as a final touch.

getting into the spirit of the occasion...

Randy offering libations

John and Esperanza

This tradition goes without saying...

And they ALWAYS look this good when they're done!

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