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Simon and Pugsley are our beloved cats.
We must not speak badly about either of them;
especially Simon, for fear they will
attack us in our sleep.

This is Simon Nigel Redfield.

Yes our cats have middle names. 
Well why not? Simon Nigel actually 
got his name because I couldn't 
decide wether I wanted to name 
him Simon cause it seemed like 
that was his name anyway OR Nigel 
cause I am obsessed with the 
band XTC. 

So  Simon Nigel it is. 

Simon was fated to live with me. 
My friend Jena asked me if I wanted a
cat for my birthday. Well seeing as
how I was living somewhere where I 
could have my own cat I didn't 
say no. I also didn't say yes. 
I told Jena I didn't know what 
I wanted and I told Sean 
(who I wasn't living with yet) 
that I was going to leave it 
up to chance. 

Sometimes indecision can be a good 
thing cause for my birthday Jena 
brought me Simon.

Simon is pretty much indifferent 
to everything. His favorite hobbies 
are; sitting around, sleeping, 
watching stuff happen and not moving. 
He does play "midnight tear-ass" with 
Pugsley, which I am glad for because 
otherwise he'd get no excercise 
at all. 

He is a smart cat, he knows how to 
play fetch but chooses not to. 
He likes to eat toy mice too.

Pugsley Somethingorotheravich

Pugsley has a middle name, 
damn if I can remember it though. 

Puglsey rocks socks. The story 
of how we came to know him is a 
sappy one full of ohhs and ahhs.

Sean and I were on our way to 
the coffeeshop when something in 
the planter caught my eye. 
I shouted "I think there's a kitten 
in the bushes!" and jumped out of 
the car. Sure enough, there was 
this TINY little black kitten 
bounding about. When I went up to 
the planter the cat was all over me, 
purring and nuzzling. 

The neighbors kids were outside 
their apt so I asked them if it was 
their cat. The mom said, "No. That 
cat's been there for days, my kids 
keep bugging me to keep it but I don't 
want a cat." 

Even so, I couldn't leave the cat out 
in the cold. Although we live in 
southern California, winter was 
appraoching and it was pretty darn 
cold out.
(lame excuse for keeping the cat #1) 

We decided that if the cat was still 
there when we got back from coffee 
we'd figure out what to do then. 
I was kinda hoping it would get 
cold and go back home to wherever 
he lived. 

I then walked back to the car and 
Sean went around to his side. T
he look of his face would've broke 
nyone's heart cause when I looked 
down there was Pugsley sitting 
ON his foot, looking up at him. 

"That's it," I said. 
"We're bringing him in."

The next few days involved putting 
up 'found cat' flyers all over 
my neighborhood (no one called) 
and then feverishly looking for a 
place to adopt him. As it stands, 
in Orange County you have two options 
for your found kitty; you take him 
to the pound, and they take him, 
no questions asked. They will also 
euthanize him if a home cannot be 
found. OR you get the cat neutered 
and vaccinated and THEN you can put 
him up for adoption. 
(lame excuse for keeping the cat #2)

We brought the cat down to our 
friendly neighborhood low-cost vet. 
The VA's cooed and cuddled Pugster. 
(who was actually named Garfunkel 
at the time as a joke cause we had 
no intention of keeping him) The 
VA gave him a checkup and told us 
he was too small to give him all 
his vaccinations so we'd have to 
come back in three weeks! He weighed 
less than a pound when we found him, 
the vet figured he was about 6 weeks 
old. Looks like we were cat sitting 
longer than we thought we would. 

It doesn't take long for these guys 
to have an effect on you.

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