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Simon relaxing on his favorite chair, the only chair too small for Pugsley to encroach on.

A little Brotherly Love

Puglsey relaxing on the porch. This was before we knew about

Pugsley's Little Secret!!!

I found this the other day. It is Pugsley's colar. At first we kept trying to put it back on him but after he kept taking it off we decided it was out of our hands. We really didn't think anything of it until an anonymous source brought this website to my attention...


We are soo embarassed, it's a cat parent's worst nightmare.

Well we talked with Pugsley and explained to him our concern about being involved in such exploits and we have come up with a solution that both Pugsley and ourselves can be happy with...

Puglsey will keep his colar on and we will send him to naked summer camp once a year.