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Martial Arts Cross-Training For Figure Skaters
With Instructor Glen Doyle

I know what you are thinking -- What in the world does figure skating have to do with Martial Arts? How could Martial Arts training benefit a figure skater? Well how about the muscle explosion required to execute a triple jump? How about the muscle awareness and the control of power necessary for learning excellent jumping technique? How about fluid circular motion found both in Kung fu and in Ice skating? How about the balance necessary to execute moves that exploit edge control? How about the focus and self-confidence necessary to be in the right frame of mind during a competition? Traditional martial arts training can have a serious positive impact on all of these areas and more. But what if a skater doesn't have the time to devote for training of a martial art in the traditional manner?

For the last twelve years Glen Doyle, a 3-time Canadian Kung fu champion, has been helping to bridge this gap by developing and refining via World Champion Elvis Stojko, a set of Kung Fu based moves and techniques related to the movement and atrributes of ice skating. Glen's unique cross-training exercises comprise a highly effective, streamlined, powerful cross-training technique that can have an immediate impact on the skater's competitive performance. This streamlined approach allows the skater to reap many of the benefits of martial arts without going through years of classical martial arts training.

Coming Soon!
We will have a lot more information complete with details and photographs on Glen's cross-training exercises soon!

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