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Martial Arts Instructor
Cross-training Specialist
Former 3-time (C.C.K.S.F.)
Canadian Kung Fu Champion

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Martial Artist and Cross-Training Specialist
Glen Doyle

The fighting arts have been a part of Newfoundland-born Glen Doyle's life for as long as he can remember. He started boxing at the age of four when his father, Gregory Doyle (a Korean War veteran who boxed for the Canadian Armed Forces and an Irish Stick Fighting expert) bought him his first pair of boxing gloves. Glen boxed until age 12 when he began a quest to find a martial art that was more suited for his size and weight. During this time he experimented with Aikido, Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, and military hand-to-hand combat. His quest ended in 1983 when he began studying Hung Gar Gung Fu with Sifu Lore King Hong in Toronto, Ontario. The direct and efficient Hung Gar style characterized by maximum power with minimum movement resonated with Glen's straight-forward and unassuming 'Newfie' personality. Glen trained hard and eventually became an undefeated three-time Canadian National Kung Fu Champion.
Using his unique insights and his 'martial' knowledge of body mechanics, Glen analyzed the movement and motion in Kung Fu and compared it with other sports and he realized that his martial art could be a powerful cross-training tool for any athlete. Martial arts has much to offer in the areas of muscle explosion, body awareness, focus, breathing, and energy flow with moves that combine power and control. Yet most athletes spend so much time doing traditional training for their sport that there isn't time to devote to training a martial art in the traditional sense. So for the last 14 years Glen has been bridging that gap by teaching his innovative cross-training techniques. For each individual sport (including figure skating, hockey, running, basketball, soccer, and more) Glen has developed and refined a set of martial-arts based techniques that are directly related to the unique moves and attributes of that given sport. These sets of moves comprise a highly effective, streamlined, powerful cross-training technique that will have an immediate impact on the athlete's performance.

Glen has worked with hundreds of athletes from a variety of different sports including Figure Skating World Champion, Elvis Stojko, ice dancers Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz, the Philadelphia Bulldogs, Pro-Roller Hockey teams, OHL and NHL players, marathon runners, basketball teams, soccer teams, football teams, and baseball teams.

Glen believes in teaching from an individual's strengths, instinct, and personality. This philosophy in combination with his energetic and self-professed "goofy" personality along with an eagerness to spread his knowledge about the martial arts have made him a very successful instructor.

Glen continues to teach Hung Gar Gung Fu. He also offers seminars on self defense, Cúan Sliabh Rince an Bhata Uisce Bheatha (his family's style of Irish stick fighting), cross-training seminars for figure skaters, hockey players, and other sports including long-distance running, basketball, soccer, baseball, and tennis. Glen is also a frequent guest performer at martial arts tournaments where he often demonstrates his expertise with numerous Chinese weapons.

In September 2004, Glen opened the Céad Bua Fighting Arts Centre in Milton, Ontario. His club offers lessons in traditional Kung Fu, Irish Stick Fighting, Sports Cross-training, and Theatrical Martial Arts for film.


book cover Glen has always enjoyed writing and has studied Journalism at Humber College in Toronto. His first book, The Martial Artist's Way, offers guidance and encouragement to all those seeking to learn skills in the martial arts and provides insight on how to apply martial arts philosophies to all aspects of life. It has something for all martial artists: from the novice who is on the way to their very first class -- to the intermediate, who is finally feeling proficient in a style and is hungry to better themselves -- to the advanced practitioner, or instructor who may be open-minded enough to try and discover new ways of looking at an ancient art. Go to The Martial Artist's Way page for more info about the book, book reviews, and reader's comments.

Glen is currently working on two more books. For Women Only is an explanation of what Glen does in his self-defense courses for women. It gives women insight into Glen's unique and efficient 'Stealing The Energy' techniques. The second book, is being co-authored with Dr. Ken Oda, a very innovative and gifted chiropractor at the Chiropractic Neurology and Rehabilitation Centre in Toronto. The book deals with all the martial arts and their numerous training mistakes, fallacies, and injuries.


movie poster Glen studied film arts and screenwriting at Ryerson University and he has had experience doing fight choreography for Cynthia Rothrock and for Canadian film and television programs. Now that three of his screenplays have been made into movies, Glen is making a foray into the world of screenwriting as well. The movie, Sometimes a HERO (aka Cold Vengeance) , is an action packed romantic thriller about a turf war between rival gangs. It stars Christina Cox, Josh Barker, and Bryan Genesse and is directed by Jalal Merhi. The film will be available at Blockbuster March 18, 2003 under the title Cold Vengeance.

A plot summary, movie stills, interviews, behind-the-scenes photos, script excerpts and more can all be found on the Sometimes a HERO web page

circuit movie poster circuitII movie poster Glen's second movie, The Circuit, starring Olivier Gruner, Bryan Genesse, Billy Drago and Gail Harris is about an illegal underground no-holds-barred fighting society. It is now available at BlockBuster.

A trailer, plot summary, movie stills, and more can all be found on The Circuit web page

Circuit II, the sequel to The Circuit starring Olivier Gruner, Lorenzo Lamas, and Michael Blanks, centers around an underground fighting society in an upstate New York prison. It was screened at the 2003 American Film Festival and is available at BlockBuster. A plot summary, movie stills, and more can all be found on the Circuit II web page

Contact Glen


327 Bronte St. S.
Milton, ON L9T 3Z2


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What's New With Glen?

Céad Bua members sweep the WKA/ IAKSA CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Sifu Doyle sent 3 members of Céad Bua to the National Championships to try and qualify for the WKA Team Canada. Elvis Stojko, Richard de Borja, and Mike Morris were on their game as they finished an impressive 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Elvis took gold, Richard the Silver, and Mike Morris just missed the bronze by 1/100th of a point – but all made TEAM CANADA and will represent Canada at the World Championships being held in Niagara Falls this November.

After the medal ceremonies it was announced that Sifu Doyle was assigned as HEAD COACH for the Chinese stylists of the team. The Team Canada training camp happens in August.

Congrats to all the Team Canada Members, and to Sifu Doyle and his Céad Bua students… good luck at Worlds!

Glen's fourth movie, Circuit III: Street Monk will be coming out soon...

Gregory Doyle
When it is too tough for everyone else
it is just right for me.
~~Gregory Doyle~~
(1934 - 1998)

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