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Downhomer Magazine
Pride of Newfoundland and Labrador

February 1999
VOL 11; NO 9; Page 114


It should not be a surprise that Conception Harbour native Glen Doyle is deeply involved in the sport of Kung-Fu and that he is extremely capable of offering a very readable and very worthwhile publication, "The Martial Artist's Way", to the public.

His father, Greg Doyle, was a very successful distance runner and that the Doyle Family is from the Conception Bay Central area of the province, where sport is a major aspect of community life.

A registered master of Kung-Fu at the young age of 33, Glen Doyle has written a book on the sport that will be a yardstick for comparison for any kung fu publications. In fact, the book can well be utilized for comparisons with all manuscripts on any martial art.

The author, who earned the Kung-Fu title "Sifu", stresses "martial arts training for success in sports, business and the game of life."

Doyle brings a solid background to his offering.

He has studied a wide range of martial arts as well as military hand-to-hand combat. In 1989, he developed his "Stealing The Energy" technique as he began training sports teams.

Reknowned figure skaters Elvis Stojko, Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kratz are prominent world class sports figures who have taken advantage of Doyle's expertise.

In a strong foreword to the Doyle book, Stojko promises that "within the pages of 'The Martial Artist's Way', you will not only be able to appreciate the personability of pure martial art education and instruction, but you will also learn to find, within yourself, the tools needed to achieve advancement in any sport, training or practice."

National level track and field coach Bruce Burton, provided strong support for "The Martial Artist's Way."

Doyle, who is a fight choreographer for movies and television, studied film arts and screen writing at the Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto.

Writer Doyle, who moved to Toronto with his family when he was four, has been studying Kung-Fu since he was 16. With three Canadian titles to his credit, he moved into the teaching area of Kung-Fu but then and discovered he "learned a great deal while I was instructing. Teaching is a great way to learn."

Explaining he "always relates as much as I can to being born in Newfoundland." Glen demonstrated plenty of pride in his late father pointing out that Greg Doyle, to whom he dedicated his book, won the 1955 Daily News marathon and "was successful with his boxing when a member of the Canadian Army."

The 156-page book, that retails for $22.00, contains eight pages of black and white photos. It is published by Harper Collins Canada Ltd.

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