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Poems by WishesMade

                                    An Angel...
-- by

An angel appeared in my life...
Smiled at me and touched my hand.
Said sir, "You are without a wife...
you are nothing but a lonely man."

I looked at the Angel and admired...
A calmness and beauty that I had not seen.
I wanted to tell her, it was her I desired...
Too shy to tell the truth, as it seemed.

She hovered in my eyes, maybe in my mind...
I was in love regardless of real or unreal.
I wanted her till the end of time...
If I could get one kiss I knew would seal.

But she seemed to know my desire...
She smiled and said, "Not me."
My eyes welled up tears of fire...
If not her it could never be.

A touch of her hand, a magic grace...
Placed on my shoulder and calmed my fear.
I knew right then to stay in my place...
For I knew somewhere, there was one quite dear.

But as she left, I doubted me...
Wanting so badly to love this way.
Then you appeared and I could see...
The angel was you, what could I say?

I love you more than you can know...
You came to me before you knew.
I was so sure that I will show...
I know that the angel is really you.

      ©      To Tricia From Ed      3/27/99

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