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Poems by
Cricket Overstreet Andrews,
Page 1

Battered and Screwed

A long time ago a little girl cried,
Nobody heard or knew she just about died
Every time he'd slip into her room
She thought her life was destined to doom

The things that he did, the damage he's done
How can she let him know he hasn't won
When night would come and frighten her so
He'd come in and touch her, but where did she go

To a place where she was safe and no one could see
That little girl dying inside of me
So when I'd leave and go back to my dad
I wish I could have told him the pain that I had

But he wouldn't listen or even care
It was him I was most afraid of and always scared
The way he would beat me, with fists, belts, and boards
I knew no one loved me not even the Lord

He had an angel with blonde hair and blue eyes
I had to compete for the love of a man I despised
The bruises he left were deeper than I could see
No one could love me for just being me

It made me reach out to others in ways
I was ashamed of then, and still am today
The men I would choose to love and follow
They beat me too and left my heart hollow

I'd allow them to beat me black and blue
Thinking there's nothing right that I could do
The pain it caused to my body and soul
How my heart could never again be whole

So I'd tell myself over and over again
Don't you trust or let anyone in
Because if you do you'll be opening that door
For them to beat and screw you just like before

I wish I could stand and yell at the world
Look what you've done to this little girl
No one protected me, nobody cared,
The police, the courts, nobody dared.

Nine to sixteen being screwed,
All my life being beaten black and blue
It's the only life I knew,
To be battered and screwed!
To be battered and screwed!

    By Cricket Overstreet Andrews 06/17/92

- - - - - - - -
The Feeling I Get

The feeling I get when you call out my name
Last for hours and days, and is always the same
It's a feeling of joy and that touches my heart
And makes me sad whenever were apart

I feel so beautiful, each time we speak
A man like you was what I seeked
Someone to hold me, and whisper "I love you"
Was all that I'd needed, and for him to be true

I get a sense when your around
That I have to search no more, he was just found
The tender way you hold me each day
Will make me want to cherish you and stay

I know I've deserved, to be treated this way
But no one ever has, until you came my way
It fills my eyes with tears, I can hardly hold back
You've shown me in a short time, all that I lacked

I want to make you happy, like you have me
God every time I open my eyes your all I can see
You give me assurance, I've never had
Make me feel safe, and tell me things aren't so bad!

It makes me wonder how I survived so long
Without you to hold me, this can't be wrong
Because it feels so right, When I'm with you
I always smile now, I'm never blue

Please come and carry me away
And forever faithful to you I will stay
As long as you'll have me, I'll be yours to hold
In your arms I'll feel your warmth and never be cold

I want so bad for you to love me
Tell me do you think that's a possibility
I need the kind of love only you can give
Need it so desperately, need it to live

The feelings I'm holding back from you now
Are wanting to explode, but I'm not allowing that somehow
But one day when I know you won't run
I'll let them fly as fast as a speeding bullet, from a gun

And when I do, the surprise you will gain
A true love that will not cause you pain
For when I give my heart to you then
You'll never let go, and want me until the end.

God our lives could be so full of joy
When we make love, you'll again feel like a boy
Because I'll beg you to do it so many times
You'll feel like your comiiting a crime

Take my body and make it blend with yours
Let's open each other's eyes and maybe some doors
To a new world neither of us may know
I'll take you, you take me, and together we'll go
And grow!!!!
1999     By Cricket Overstreet Andrews
- - - - - - - -
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought you were an angel sent from above
A sweet, kind and gentle spirit
Sent for me to love

Your voice can bring me to my knees
Or set my soul on fire
Your sensitivity makes me weak
And lifts my spirits higher
Your kindness and your laughter
Fill my world with happiness
I long to be with you
In that I must confess
The things that you say and do
Make my heart cry out
God if I could hold you now
I'd show you what my love's about

The way you want to hold me
And make love to me all night long
Seem like words from a fairy tale
Or a great lover's song

I've never felt this way before
And it scares me just a bit
But it certainly feels wonderful
And I'm getting used to it

If there's one thing that I could do
To make you feel the same
I'd make love to you every night
And forever call your name

You bring out the best in me
And make my heart want to dance
The kindness and the love you show
Leave me living in a trance

I feel like I'm dreaming
And maybe your only in my mind
But it only takes me hearing you
Before that thought unwinds

And then there are times you seem so real
I can feel you here with me
Have I told you baby
How you fill my life with ecstasy

So I'll close this poem by saying
Your always in my thoughts
And how happy you have made me
Your the ideal man, I'd always sought.

    Cricket Overstreet Andrews 04/22/99

- - - - - - - -
The Smile I Wear

Everyday, all day long
Your always on my mind
Thoughts of you come rushing through
Your all I hoped to find

And when my day is done
And your not there
That's when I close my eyes
To dream of what we'll share

Thoughts of you caressing me
And holding me so tight
They're thoughts I shouldn't have
But can no longer fight

For I need your arms around me
Need to be loved so good by you
God you make me crazy
By all you say and do

The smile I wear upon my face
And the way my heart cries out
No more tears, not a trace
Your what that's all about

My body yearns to hold you
And have you make love to me
I want to feel you baby
And be your ecstasy

Your laughter brings me joy
And sets my sad past free
God I want to love you
And give you all of me

I want to lie here, forever in your arms
And hear you call out my name
I love all your boyish charms
I know you want me just the same

Can I hold you forever
And love you oh so much
Please let me make you happy
And always be your crutch

Because your strength always lifts me up
I'm so glad that I've found you
Don't know if I can ever let you go
Because I really do want you, more than you'll ever

    By Cricket Overstreet Andrews 04/23/99

- - - - - - - -
Who Am I

Who am I? Where am I from?
Sounds rather silly, sounds rather dumb
Who do I look like ? My mom or my dad
These are the questions of an adopted daughter or son

Young people out doing things that they shouldn't
Making babies to raise, but they were to young and couldn't
So they gave us to new familiesand sent us to new homes
We were like Pawns out on loan

They thougt they were doing what was best for us all
No letters, phone numbers, cards not even a call
All our records sealed by our governments hand
No justice for adoptees in this here land

We didn't ask to be brought into this plase
Where parents f any age can disappear without a trace
Thank God for the Woman that children she cannot bear
They take us in and love us, show us they care

And the Men who work so hard to put a roof over our heads
And sit by us on the bed, while our prayers are being said
Bless this Couple God for all that they do
For saving us, let them sit at the right hand of you

We love this Mom andDad with all of our hearts
But as we get older the wondering starts
They tell us were chosen and should feel very proud
They got us at the orphanage, where hundreds of kids wait in the crowd

But when we say we need to know who we are and from where we came
They get upset and begin to blame
Why must we search for parents we don't know
That were never even there for us or to watch us grow

Why can't they understand the dilemma were in
We need to know ourselves, completely within
Were tired of being strangers to ourselves and our kin
So those silly questions keep popping up again and again

Who am I? Where am I?
Not so silly a question, not so dumb
When it comes from an adopted Woman or Man
Who'll do whatever it takes, whatever they can

To fill in the missing pieces that they don't know
It's the only way emtionally that they'll grow
They'll search for years andyears upon end
Until their hearts find what will take it to mend
So why can't this coukntry take a good look and see
It's not our fault we were born, our parents need to take responsibility
Whether were two or forty-five,
There's a bond between us no one can sweep under a carpet and hide

Because were a part of us
Even if were conceived in nothing but a mament of lust
our records should be released out of the governments clutch
So we can know our nationality, health records and such

Who is the government to take away my life
Put a whole in my heart with a sharp edged knife
After age 18, my life belongs to me
I should be able to live it knowing who I am honestly

Try to live your life, not knowing who you are, or from where you came And see if you don't feel exactly the same
It's not enough being loved all your days, yet just knowing your name
True self indentity is the name of this game!

    By Cricket Overstreet Andrews 04/25/99

- - - - - - - -
Daddy's Sins

When i was just a little girl
I would run and play in the sand
Watching the ocean and holding daddy's hand
I thought we'd always be together
But soon found out dreams don't always last forever

Daddy's sins were always kept hid
I was ashamed of the things that he did
He knew that I'd never tell
Never run away or even yell

Because that bottle was his life
All his anger taken out on his little girl
and his wife
For years i was so confused
My love for him was battered and bruised
So I grew up to think I'd never love again
All because of daddy's sins

When a little girl grows up to fast
Sometimes she tries to forget her past
All the pain and the tears
She tells herself, will go away throughout the years
But they're still here, along with the fears

Daddy can't you see what you've done
Can you even admit you were wrong
Don't you know how much I cry
Just take a good long look into my eyes

1999     By Cricket Overstreet Andrews 11/14/92

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