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Poems by
Cricket Overstreet Andrews,
Page 2

We Can Weather Anything

When the skies turn cold and grey
That's when I hold onto all the things you say
And when the rain falls like sheets of glass
We weather it out until it seems to pass

Loving you comes so naturally to me
Thunder, lightning, hail, your all I see
Snow covered ground where we walk
Our love keeps us warm as we talk

You fill my days with love, warm as a desert sun
And when you call my name, to you I'll always run
No storms to tough to beat us down
For our love's more solid then this desert ground

Like the moon, stars and sun, your always in my sights
You fill up my days, and God what you do for my nights!
So storms of life may enter our hearts
But we can weather anything, as long as we're never apart!

July 1999     By Cricket Overstreet Andrews

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