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Poems by
Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer,
Page 9


Sometimes we think we are alone
No underestanding from those we love.
In reality this is far from true.
While we show our feelings differently,
Underneath, inside, we are the same.
Some hold sorrow deep within
Unable to share with anyone.
others must speak out to someone.
When these two beings meet,
It is hard for them to comfort each other.
Though the sorrow is there in each,
Times it seems words uttered by one,
Only deepens the ache in the other.
Don't draw away from your loved ones.
Try understanding again and again,
The ache of sorrow ebbs slowly
Never gone but easier to bear.
Judge no other, no matter your reason.
If guilty God's judgement is enough
We all pay for any mistakes we make.
Take a look around at your dear ones,
Holding their sorrow deep inside.
If you are one of the lucky ones,
Able to speak and show your hurt,
Then your heart will ease the quicker,
Though the loss will still be there.
You will find you think of the joys
Given by the one who is gone.
Sometime when you hear words spoken,
That seem as if a person didn't care,
You will find with patience and understanding
Their sorrow can only be shared with God.
When you pray to God as we all do,
No matter what anyone says,
Ask for help to make better your day,
And to help others you meet on your way.
of course you must help it's true.

If we try, the answer to this prayer
We will find waiting wherever we gaze.
It will aslo make our world a better place.

by Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer (1922 - 1993)
1999     by Robert Michael Beamer

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