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Poems by
Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer,
Page 8

Listen and Understand

Freedom, Peace, and Love
We see and hear these words
Everyday and everywhere
Only open your eyes and ears
You will understand what I mean.

These young rebels all around
Shout and sing day and night
"This is what we want in life"
But so few attain it at all.

Before we can have anything
There is something we must have first.
Faith in all your fellow men.
This is the hardest of all to obtain.

If ever you want to really live
Having Freedom, Peace, and Love.
Open your Heart as well a your eyes.
Listen with the heart as well as the ears.
When faith comes in everything follows after.

by Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer (1922 - 1993)
1999     by Robert Michael Beamer

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