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Poems by Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer,
Page 2

Some Views On Life

Why does mankind seem so cruel.
So bent on destruction of others.
There are so many different ways of life.
Fate leads each on different paths,
But does that make all others wrong.
If we were all the same,
What a dull world this would be.
No challenges of any kind to meet.
Nothing new to look for each day.
Each and everyone is different,
Even if in only some small way.
Be proud of what you are.
Hold your head high with pride,
But take all others as they are.
Let them each instead be a person,
Who has a life to live as their own.
This is not a gift of mankind,
But given by God that put us here.
Don't let rebellion and destruction be your goal,
Look to all People with love.
Create a love for others everywhere.
Try in some small way each day,
To destroy all the hates and fears,
So alive everywhere you look.
This and this way alone,
Will bring forth equality of mankind,
Destroying all barriers and boundaries,
Leaving a world of brotherhood and love.

by Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer (1922 - 1993)
1999     by Robert Michael Beamer

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