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Poems by Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer,
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Inventions of man in recent years
Has drawn the world closer in ways.
Not many years ago in time,
It took days and weeks
To send and hear from other lands.
A little longer back in history,
It took months and even longer.
We read that the length of time,
Fostered misunderstanding between people.
If we only look around us,
The truth is evident to all,
Now the time laspe is in minutes.
But unrest and turmoil is still here.
One shouts you must do our way.
To compromise, they turn a deaf ear.
Another shouts We want to be equal.
Now who is it doesn't feel equal.
Who thinks only their way is right
Not the people who work together.
Sometimes fighting and dying side by side.
Let the ones that are always yelling,
Causing confusion everywhere they go.
Live their way alone if they want.
The rest of us, the most, can find equality,
Living in harmony as we should.
Finding brotherhood everyday in everyway,
Gaining knowledge and wisdom.
We always live with the knowledge.
That we are all equal in the sight of God.
Peace we will only find one way,
When understanding and love is shared by all men.

by Anna Lee (Morrison) Beamer (1922 - 1993)
1999     by Robert Michael Beamer

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