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Welcome to Our Website!! We are Girl Scout Senior/Cadette Troop 282.

We are three girls that live in Northern California. We're best friends and have been in Girl Scouts since we were Junior Girl Scouts. We are sophmores in High School and we will graduate in the year 2001. The first graduating class of the Millenium.

Technically we are a Senior Troop but we have one registered Cadette, Kristin's sister Johanna. Next year we will have two more Cadette's, Amanda's sister Amy and Raquel.

please visit Senior Page's

Kristin's Page

Amanda's Page

Stephanie's Page

please visit Cadette Page's

Johanna's Page

We have done a lot of stuff together in Girl Scouts the last 7 years. You can see some of the things we have done by clicking the links below.


Silver Award Projects

please visit our sister troops web page.

Junior Troop 280

Our sister troop and us are working on an extended "Thinking Day" project. We are sending a Teddy Bear named Daisey around the world via Girl Guides/Girl Scouts. For more information about Daisey and our project please visit Daisey's web page at


When visiting our website we would appriciate it if you would sign our quest book. That way we can see who has been here. Thank you.

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Thinking Day
Around the World

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