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Daisey the Traveling Bear

Hi, my name is Daisey. I am a member of Senior Girl Scout Troop 282 and Junior Girl Scout Troop 280. The Seniors gave me my name and I wear the Junior uniform. We live in Northern California, USA. We have between the two troops 15 girls. You have probably already read all about all of them. I got my own web page because I am going on a trip and we will be telling you all about it as I go.

I am going to attempt to make it around the world in a year, visiting as many countries as possible, via Girl Guides/Girl Scouts. I will begin my trip with a Troop from our service unit that will be visiting Europe in a couple of weeks. When we get there I will eventually be passed on to another girl or Group/Troop most likely to a friend of the leader I will be starting with from Switzerland. Then hopefully I will just continue to get passed around to as many Girl Guides/Girl Scouts in as many different countries as possible. I hope to return Home in june of the year 2000. IF you have the pleasure of actually meeting me please help me along I would appriciate it.

If for any reason you see me and I can't seem to move on please e-mail my Troop Leader at the address below. Thank you for visiting my web page, please come back again because we will be updating it as I go along.

Daisey is just about to leave on her trip. She was taken to her fellow travelers house today and they are off to the airport tomarrow June 22, 1999. Good luck Daisey from your fellow troop members. We hope to see you back here again next June.

June 22, 1999-Daisey traveld with members of Cadette/Senior Girl Scout Troops 149173 &165, Destination- London, England. While with Troops 149/173 &165 Daisey stayed at the Baden Powell House. She also visited Buckingham Palace and was part of fifty people allowed behind the gate to witness the changing of the guard. After that she went to the Girl Guide Heritage Center. This is where she was then given to a Guide Leader who took Daisey to the World Camp in Hampshire, England.

Daisey at world camp asking for a traveling companion.

August 7, 1999(UPDATE)-Daisey has been to world camp in Hamphsire, England where she connected up with a Girl Guide from Romford, Essex, England and some Girl Guides from Pakistan. On August 8, 1999 Daisey will be traveling with one of the girls from Pakistan from England to Pakistan. After her visit in Pakistan it is expected that Daisey will be going to Malaysia. So far Daisey has been on three different contenents.

Sept. 12, 1999-Daisey meets Guiders in Pakistan from the Karimabad Girl Guides (sept. 12th is the occassion of the Chief Scout Day Prince Amin Nohd Aga Khan).

Sept. 26, 1999-Pakistan, Daisey meets Guiders of the Darkhana Girl Guide Company.

Oct. 3, 1999-Pakistan, Daisey meets Guiders of the Clifton Girl Guides

Dec. 30, 1999-Daisey meets members of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association. She meets Guiders from the Unit 88 Island Pack A and the 105th West Kowloon Pack.

Feb. 20, 2000-Hong Kong, Daisey met Girls from Sea Ranger Ship Sealion and the 48th west Kl Coy.

February 22, 2000-Daisey spent "Thinking Day" with the International Commissioner of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.

Mar. 5, 2000-Hong Kong, Daisey meets Daisy, a former Guider of the 6th W. kowloon Coy B and Division Commissioner of Moughok(?) and Kowloon City. She lives in California, so she brought Daisey back to the USA.

May 22, 2000-Daisey Returns home to her Troops.

Our warmest thanks to everyone who was able to participate in this project with us. We put or faith and trust in Girl Guides/Girl Scouts around the world to help Daisey on her journey, keep her safe and see that she return home to her own troops. We were not disappointed. Daisey had a great journey, met lots of very nice people and came home to us just as she had left but baring gifts from our new international friends. THANK YOU EVERYONE.

this trip was such a success that Daisey Begins a new Journey on July 26, 2000. If you are luckey enough to meet her remember we are still putting all our faith and trust in the Girl Guides/Girl Scouts to make friends with her and keep her safe and help her on her journey.

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