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"I See No Rain"         c 2007 LiANA     Acoustic Music Review

"Best Folk CD Album 2008 Nominee" ** Toronto Exclusive Magazine Online

album coverLIANA: I See No Rain

Folk-Rock-Pop-Country/Blues -- Twist of genres --Eclectic

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"Amazon Trail"             c 2000 LiANA     Soundbytes Review -- Archives

"On the Right Track" N.O.T.A. 2000 Music Award Nominee ** Reverb Magazine

album coverLIANA: Amazon Trail

A funky, rollicking twist of pop, blues and folk.

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"Glitters & Tumbles"               c 1993 LiANA

"Female Artist" **B.C.C.M.A. 1994 Country Music Award Nominee

album coverLIANA: Glitters & Tumbles

Original alternative country-folk pop genre blend.

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The World is Oz

copyright c2006 L.C. Di Marco

Heart. Mind. Body. All so related. All so intricate. All so full of complexities.

Heart. It pumps blood. It's red. It's dark. It's fluent.

Brain. It too pumps, but what? Wired. Multi-coloured. Never ending.

A warm thank you to all those I love: familyfriendschildrenanimalsnaturebeauty. All are one and one is all.

Celebrate life.





I SEE NO RAIN is a major project for LiANA as she not only took the creative challenge of playing most of the instruments, she also produced and remained 100% involved with the project from the onset. One of the greatest artistry is going from songwriter, to singer, to performer to producer to...the many hats of an artist. Combined with the fine musicianship of Chris MacDonald and Heather Sparling, the album touches many genres, emotions and intellectual aspects of life.

As with her previous albums, she continues her genre bending -- Amazon Trail twists pop, blues and folk into a rollicking commentary on issues important to her. The optimistic title track discusses the importance every individual can make to society. Past loves and future prospects are humorously examined in �Scoobydoobydoo' while �Time' speaks of healing and moving on. For the francophone audience the tri-lingual (English, French and Italian) LiANA has written �L'amour fait mal.'

Amazon Trail and Glitters & Tumbles are also available on-line or by phone. Click any of the above links or look for details further on down the page.

Moving cross-culturally and cross-genre between country, folk and blues, her music defies labels.

LiANA is a singer-songwriter of contemporary pop-folk music who believes in the freedom of expression and that we as individuals make a difference in this world.

On a path of growth amongst her peers and her audiences, she endeavors to be part of the difference, part of the solution.

LiANA 's lyrics reflect various current social issues as well as life & relationship experiences. Her music compositions magnify the emotions and passion of each word --mostly consisting of upbeat guitar playing that forces the audience to feel the beat of the music and soul of the lyric.

Her performances are often tri-lingual (Italian, French, English).

Currently, her musical endeavors have lyrically become more intricate and focused to represent more of a folk and blues repertoire.


If 'uniqueness' is a key ingredient to success, LiANA should be Canada's next voice to be heard around the world!
      Larry Delaney, Country Music News, Ottawa

The music of LiANA is not likely to be everyone's cup of tea. It's big and brash and more than a little edgy. Rather than tea, it might better be compared to something from a bottle, well-aged and potent. As a songwriter and performer, Liana Di Marco is clearly not afraid to put herself out there. The result is interesting, evocative work that's hard to pin down or to imprison in a genre.!
      Bob Mackenzie, Sound Bytes @, Kingston

Earthy and elemental but with a voice that soars high and clear, LiANA Di MARCO, aka 'The Guitar Babe", has a spirit that, similarily, is rooted in reality but not limited by challenges.".!
      Gary 17,, Toronto to-nite magazine

I listened to the CD on the way home. Well done. I was so pleased to meet you, and truly admire your courage, strength and tenaciousness for moving forward regardless! Please know I will support you in any way I can. Am looking forward to getting to know you better! God bless you Li.. Keep up the great work! Warmly .!
      Deborah Filler, Consultant & Fan, Oakville

�Fans of anyone from kd lang to BJ Snowden might enjoy the album to varying degrees.�
      Mike Murphy, Ontarion, Guelph

When I read the title and listened, "I See No Rain", I thought what a fitting description of your life. I appreciate how much your music reflects your nature to look for the bright side to any situation, with that quirky humour that you have. My six year old makes up a little happy jig when she hears your CD. My daughter loves all kinds of music and I hadn't played any folk music for her. I wasn't sure how she would react because I hadn't played any folk music to her. She loves to dance, with music, and she will interpret though sounds to reflect her emotions when she listens. Your music is the happy jig for her!
      Carolyn, @CaronWorks Instructor & Fan, Barrie

Heartfelt, powerful & impressive new material...LiANA's new songs and acoustic recording is but a sample of all her work! I am a big fan and have her previous recordings, this third album, which she made available as pre-release purchases to her fans, is so personal and intriquet and shows us a side of her not seen before: emotional, spiritual and even humourous.
      Ann, via email (fan,) Toronto

A big, strong voice gushes forth from soft spoken LiANA as she commands the stage with evocative and touching music...The rich voice of LiANA's that adds texture to her guitar and harmonica playing is superb and it is my kind of music. .
     Phyllis Walker, Arts York News, Toronto

The next kd lang...but this one with a bit'o meat on them bones!
      Donna L., Indie Toronto, Fan, Toronto

A form of folk-country, unlikely to be compared to anyone else's style. The album is very impressive and listener-friendly.
      Mark Ramsden, Ontario News, Guelph

Indeed a great singer, with a powerful, moving voice which evokes emotion in the listener...a fine songwriter.
      Michael Fonfara, Producer/Keyboardist (Lou Reed, Chuck Jackson, Downchild Blues Band), Toronto

An album about coming of age, with lyrically simple yet touching revelations on life, love and happiness that reach us all. At the same time it presents the listener with a full range of emotion and experience, the necessary ingredients for any country or cross-format success.
      L. Fitzgerald, Writer, Pickering

Young, aspiring, sensitive and worth keeping an eye on in the near future.
      Donna Thomason, T's Country, Vancouver

New Age Country-Opera, sounds powerful, sensitive and straight from the heart.
      Heather Mackenzie, Audience Participant, Toronto

A great CD with good lyrics and nice music.
      John Milissen, IC PRODUCTIONS--Zevenbergse Radio en Televisiestichting, The Netherlands

I listened to your CD while I drove home and am still listening to it as I write this. I must admit that after my spending the last 2 years listening to not much other than the Gaither Vocal Band, your music took me by surprise but...delightfully so. I do believe that "Smog" is going to become my new favourite song. It even brought my husband off the computer to come into the living room to listen and if you knew Fraser, getting him off the computer is not something that just anyone can manage.
      Carol T, Paris


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As a teenager, LiANA played in several Toronto ensembles and orchestras. For exercise, she danced disco and for leisure, her family listened to country music. With a mother who, prior to marriage, sang Neapolitan and other Italian Classics, it was more than fate that LiANA would end up with a strong eclectic musical base. Her classical background has served to create music that one can relax to and her country music background contributes to lyrics that move her audience.

In completing her Master's Degree, LiANA spent several years interviewing and performing with other singer-songwriters and examining the music-cultural-social structures in Ontario, Quebec, the USA and Europe. Her newly written tunes have been performed at various venues and are now available on her second CD. Her love and passion for music has intertwined to become part of her interest in social issues and has been successful at all the various stages.

Her performances include fund-raising events, folk clubs, restaurants, church choirs, special events and stints for radio, television and theatre. She also entertains at various seniors' groups. Having spent a great deal of time behind the scenes, she now resurfaces to share her talent and new masterpieces.

When not entertaining, LiANA volunteers her time teaching the Fine Arts to adults and children alike and remains active in various arts & music organizations.

As a Chaplain, LiANA is a licensed Wedding Officiant & Funeral Celebrant.

>Get Married Creatively! CHAPLAIN


When not performing tunes from her CDs, Amazon Trail and Glitters & Tumbles and other new material, LiANA often serves as a panel presenter, workshop leader and/or instructor and community volunteer.

She has been involved with various conferences and associations including the Songwriters Association of Canada, American Popular Culture Association, Theatre Ontario, York University, and Arts York.

LiANA's skills, appearances and public readings/performances have taken her to Florida, Las Vegas, Seattle, London (England), Ontario, Quebec and various other parts of Canada. Topics have included:

Creative Writing

Women in Music

Artists with Disabilities

The Art & Craft of Ceramics

Releasing an Independent CD

Basic Computers for Artists & Small Business


For fun LiANA entertains as a clown at children's parties.

Songs on Music Compilations

These compilations are limited edition.

Song Title                *** Compilation

�Amazon Trail�               ***Indie Buzz: C.M.W. 2001 (Canadian Music Week)

�I Remember the First Time�               ***Unsigned - A Compilation of New Canadian Music 2003

�Scoobydoobydoo�               ***Unsigned - A Compilation of New Canadian Music 2003

�Time�               *** Cross Country: New Canadian Country

�Time�               *** Indie Buzz: E.C.M.A. 2001 (East Coast Music Awards)

Complete CDs & Cassettes

"I SEE NO RAIN" (c2007)

"AMAZON TRAIL" (c2000)

"GLiTTERS & TUMBLES" (c1993)



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