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Officiant Celebrant

Weddings and Funerals

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What is a Celebrant?

I am a Chaplain & Pastor with A.S.C.C. and a Minister-in-Training with the United Church of Canada.

I am a multi-varied artist/writer with a license to perform marriages, funerals, baptisms, rites of passage and can be traditional or not, and non-denominational.

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For funerals I may be reached directly via email first contact. Thank you, Li


Thank you for the great service! Cleusa and Larry

Thank you so much Li. The ceremony was absolutely perfect. We had the best day we could have possibly wished for. We are two very happy women this morning and count ourselves extremely lucky to have such loving and supportive families and friends. I hope our paths cross again sometime--maybe at another wedding! All the best, Cathy & Lisa

We received your CD in the mail and we played it already, you got a lovely voice i tell you. We will continue to refer to our friends more power. All the best, Nelson & Cora

Li, Thank you so much for presenting such a wonderful ceremony. I am glad and appreciative that you took time for us. You performed such a wonderful and memorable ceremony. Very professional and I am glad you performed it for us. Angelica and Tonya

Thank you for the card. Anche per noi è stato un piacere averti come officiant al nostro matrimonio. It was a great ceremony. We loved it. Stefi & Wes

What is a wedding Officiant?

A wedding officiant is a person licenced by the government to officiate weddings. In the Province of Ontario “officiants” can include Judges, Justices of the Peace, clergy or other persons registered by the province to solemnize weddings.

Types of Weddings

“Non-denominational weddings” tend to mean a wedding where the clergy or officiant who marries you does not follow the usual religious wedding text of his/her church/faith for your wedding. Non-denominational weddings tend to vary widely in their spiritual content and references to God.

"Religious Weddings" follow the texts and the rituals of a particular religious faith. Religious weddings are designed to serve active, believing members of a faith.

"Civil/Humanist weddings" have no references to God or religious references of any kind. A judge or justice of the peace provides a “civil wedding” from a text provided by the Province. Some clergy will officiate “humanist style” weddings; others will not.

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