I've just completed a teaching credential program, and I have been armed with loads of teaching URLs, some of which appear below.

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Teacher Resources

Sites for Teachers
Katwoman's Education Links(By Kathy Springsteen, a classmate of mine.)
Think Quest
Chico State Education Links
Virtual Schoolhouse
Homework Spot
Library Spot
Book Spot
Busy Teacher's Web Site
Learning Network
Lesson Plans Page
Teachers First
Special Educator's Web Page
Beginning Teacher's Tool Box
Education Planet
Core Knowledge Lesson Plans
Mr. G's Cool Education Sites
Just 4 Teachers
Kindergarten Connection
Kindergarten Cafe
Teacher Source

Issues and Special Concerns

P.E. Reform
Color Math Pink (Promoting Math for girls)
The Hyperlexia Parents' Network
Journal of Educational Issues for Language Minority Students
The Shifting Kindergarten Curriculum
You Can Handle Them All - Discipline Help

Curriculum-specific Sites

Sanford & A Lifetime of Color(Art Lesson Plans)
Art on Air
Art Lessons Online
The Reading Lady
Hokanson's U.S. History
Children's Literature Web Guide
Math Resources
Kinderart Lessons
Reading Recovery
Paragraph a Week Writing Program
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Kinder Art
Number Family Worksheets
Math Stories
Karen's History Units
Handwriting Without Tears
Trelease On Reading
Website of Snaith Primary School (Social Studies)
Kindergarten Math
Creative Mathematics