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Macintosh Quadra Family Technical Overview

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This page documents the Macintosh Quadra family based upon the 68040 based procesors. The first two computers in the Quadra lineage were the Quadra 700 derived from the Macintosh IIcx and the Quadra 900 derived from the Macintosh IIfx. Later the Centris 650 and the Quadra 800 platform along with the Centris 610 platform. The Quadra 605 and Quadra 630 are a part of the Entry Level architectures and is documented there. The Qudra 660av and Qudra 840av are covered in the Audio/Visual architecture.


Linux/m68k (macLinux) Notes

Generally Linux/m68k runs on any MC68020 with an external MC68551 PMMU (Paged Memory Management Unit) processor. Other processors after the MC68020 have a built-in MMU (Memory Management Unit) with exception of the MC68EC030 and other EC processors which cannot work with Linux/m68k. It is good to have an FPU (Floating Point Unit) or math co-processor as it is slow to use an emulator and difficult to configure. Commonly, MC68881 math processor is used with the MC68020 and the MC68882 is used with the MC68030. The newer MC68040 contains a built-in math coprocessor. The MC68LC040 does not have the built-in math coprocessor.

Linux/m68k has the ability to run on any Quadra computer and is currently able to boot with a look in prompt on several machines. The Centris 610 and some models of the Quadra 610 contain the MC68LC040 processor which does not have a functional FPU or math coprocessor. For these machines will need to replace MC68LC040 with a normal MC68040 processor or use a software FPU emulator.

Currently the Quadra 900 and Quadra 950 does not have the needed support to get this machine to work properly. There are two IOP6502 ICs which control the floppy/serial and adb. Without public documentation, keyboard, mouse, floppy, and serial may not function.


The following is a list of the components that make up the capabilities of the Macintosh II Family line:


The Macintosh Quadra series contains the following ports:

* This port is incompatible with the familiar RS232 PC Serial port as it does not contain the missing 9th pinout. Most modem below 2.88K will work. Also note that the SCC chipset uses a different style of communication familiar in the PC clone world.


Macintosh Quadra 610 (Centris 610)

Macintosh Quadra 650 (Centris 650)

Macintosh Quadra 700

Macintosh Quadra 900 (Quadra 950)

Macintosh Quadra 800


Quadra Architecture

Quadra 900 and Quadra 950

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These pages were created to illustrate the basic machine information of the Macintosh II Family as a service to the MacOS and Linux/m68k community. I would deeply appreciate any suggestions people may have regarding additional information they would like to have added. Email