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HP Domain Apollo Series

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It seems that there are so many of these mutant machines. At the time these computers were advertised as your "Personal Supercomputer". These computers definately had a following and it is still used by many today. They can run the Domain OS (BSD UNIX). I do not know if they are able to run HPUX. It is unknown as to whether these machines can run OpenBSD or NetBSD or to whether in the future there is interest to port Linux/m68k to this platform.






 DSP80  8MHz 010  PEB (optional)  
 DSP80A  8MHz 010  PEB (optional)  
 DSP90  12MHz 020  special  
 DSP160    custum IEEE  
 DN100  Dual 8MHz 68k     
 DN300  8MHz 010    
 DN320  8MHz 010  PEB  
 DN330  12MHz 020  special  
 DN400  Dual 8MHz 68k    
 DN420  Dual 8MHz 68k    
 DN460    custom IEEE  
 DN550  10MHz 010    
 DN560  12MHz 020  68882
 DN570  16MHz 020    
 DN580  16MHz 020    
 DN590  20MHz 020   68881  
 DN600  Dual 8MHz 68k    
 DN660    custom IEEE  
 DN660A    custom IEEE  
 DN2500  20MHz 030  68882  Built-in
 DN3000  12MHz 020  68881  DMMU
 DN3010  12MHz 020  68881  68851
 DN3010A  12MHz 020  68881  68851
 DN3040  12MHz 020  68881  68851
 DN3500  25MHz 030  68882  Built-in
 DN3550  25MHz 030  68882  Built-in
 DN4000  25MHz 020  68881  68851
 DN4500  33MHz 020  68882  Built-in
 DN5500  50MHz 040  Built-in  Built-in
 DN10000  4 18MHz PRISM    

These pages were created to illustrate the basic machine information of the Apollo Family as a service to the Apollo and Linux/m68k enthusiasts. I would deeply appreciate any suggestions people may have regarding additional information they would like to have added. Email