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DoI Work With A Serial Killer?

Disclaimer: This is just a joke. No more e-mails asking me if I'm on crack!

I work for a telecommunications company in San Francisco, and one of the contracts that we have is the integration of LAN's into all of the San Francisco schools. Yes, all of them. This project is daunting, of course, but this pressure dwindles to nothingness when compared to the nagging suspicion that one of the janitors at one high school may be a serial killer.

Why do I, and others in my crew, suspect this presumably innocent man of multiple murders? Well, first of all, just look at him. He's got creepy written all over him. He almost constantly wears rubber galoshes under the pretension that he is mopping the floors. But we all know the hidden purpose of these boots. That's right, it's for wading in the blood of children!

You might be saying, "So why haven't the police removed this monster from society, burdened by this huge weight of evidence?" But there is more. He has recently begun to grow out his beard and mustache. In John Douglas' book, Mind Hunter, he points out that when a killer has begun to hunt, he changes his appearance, either by growing out facial hair, or by other means. And while our suspect has not seemed to have changed his clothes in at least as long as we've been on site, it's still obvious that he's trying to hide something, isn't it?

Working with this man has got everyone on my crew spooked. When you hear him plodding down the hallways, his considerable keyring jingling, it raises the hairs on the back of your neck. All these keys seem excessive for a janitor in a school this size. So one starts to wonder, do the extra keys unlock cages in this monster's basement? Are there starving and tortured women and children locked within the confines of his little chamber of horrors right now?

In my quest to expose this ghoul for what he is, I risked considerable injury, or even death, to bring these pictures to you. This accounts for the relative poor quality of the shots(i.e. bad angles, motion blurs, etc..), but such is my devotion to keep the city free of people such as this.

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