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Taco's Waste Of Bandwidth Taco's Waste Of Bandwidth

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The Internet As It Really Should Be:

The Distinguished Gentleman's Guide To Vaginal Odor Try not to smell his finger.
Jesus Christ Superstore What organized religion needs to get back in touch with the kids.
Sneaky Leaker I guess it's better than wetting your pants.
Lost Worlds Archive Like everything else Christian Scientists indulge in, this is a perfect waste of time.
The Wet Kurt Fan Club If you are only remembered for one thing, don't let it be this.
Rubik's Cube Solution System Yeah, thanks. Now I can die in peace.
UFO's, Aliens, Antichrist & Bible Prophecy Oh...My...GOD!
The Anorexic-Bulemic Rec Room Calista Flockhart is too fat for this guy. Really.
Bait An admirable hobby, screwing with cyber-sex fantasies. A must-read for anyone planning a plane trip.
NoriŠ - The Orginal Nasal Passage Cleaner Just because it's disgusting, that doesn't mean it's not marketable.
Stadium Pal No line is too long, now.
Things My Girlfriend And I Argue About These guys are meant to be together. Listen to the cops bust you friends!
Disinformation The Search Engine For The Complete Paranoid
News Of The Weird
DeeT's 70's Website Sure, the 70's sucked, but I bet you don't remember how bad.
Tamagothi It just doesn't care...
Squirrel Hazing - The Untold Story Ever wonder why they run in front of cars so often?
Taco Bell Employment Application For the upwardly mobile only!
The Cat-Scan Contest Is it cruelty or is it art?
Ugly People On The Web CAUTION: Do Not View Before Meals.
Pet Grooming School This gives you an excuse to get close to those adorable Poodles!
Pet Memory Gives you something to remember them by, other than the patch of dead grass in the backyard.
Is There A Santa Claus? I'll give you a hint, NO!
The Straight Dope For those on a quest for the truth.
DogButt I was going to write a witty description for this site, but it's just too disturbing.
Kitty Porn Go ahead, click it, you fuckin' pervert!
Ask Satan This person subscribes to AOL, so I guess this would be technical support.
Virtual Vomit It's nice to see others putting the web to good use.
Stan's Insult Generator I usually steer clear of South Park sites, but this is too funny to pass up.
Louis Farrakhan African Name Generator What kind of African name is "Louis", anyway?
Strange Things Found In Dog Feces Another dogshit site, what a surprise!
Camp Chaos Cartoons Some people have too much free time on their hands.
Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen Not a bachelor's cookbook.
No Shitting In The Toilet An alternative view of the tourist trade.
The Inflatable Animal Fetish Page At least you're not alone.
Henry's Red Balloon Don't fuck with Henry's Balloon!
Musical Potty Whistle while you shit.
The Clinical Prostrate Trainer Order your next asshole over the Internet!
Cartoon Girls I Wanna Nail Gettin' hard for Veronica?
The Dog Diaper Page Humiliate your dog AND keep the carpets clean!
Ask Mr. T The Magic 8-Ball for suckas!
Telebubbies They are a naughty bunch!
Children's Books You Will Never See And with good reason.
The Alternative English Dictionary Now you can be rude to Limeys using their own slang!
Dog Soup? Never trust a hungry Asian.
Bot Sex Transcripts Making love out of nothing at all...
The Onion Where journalism and jocularity meet.
My Brother's Website What it lacks in HTML savvy it more than makes up for in banality.
Center For The Prevention Of Shopping Cart Abuse I feel so bad for those poor carts...

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