Fender Squier Thin Body Guitars

I guess you could say I have an affinity for thin Squier bodies! (Sorry...)

The 1 - 9/16" - 1 - 5/8" (approximately 41mm) Fender Squier Affinity bodies - mostly manufactured in Indonesia of alder, basswood, or poplar - are actually pretty well made, easy to work with, light weight, and super inexpensive. Because the body is thinner than the normal 1 - 3/4" (44-45mm) Strat body, a special "shorter" tremolo block is needed. Enter Guitar Fetish with its 39mm GFS "Shorty" Strat blocks in both brass and steel with 2 - 1/16" (52mm) string spacing). And I don't necessarily associate thinner bodies with being cheap, as Ibanez has been making thin "S" body guitars for years - see my CLMT guitar, which uses a 32mm Floyd Rose brass block. Also, GFS and Musiclily have recently been making 36mm blocks in brass and steel that aren't as wide - less routing!

Modifications: On the bodies with stock shallow control cavities, I route them deeper as I use "real" pots, switches, and capacitors (as shown on my lefty Hendrix project). Also, if applicable, I close up the stock center-drilled trem claw ground wire hole and re-drill it on the side to hit the control cavity. Also, I dowel and re-drill the two tremolo claw screw holes in the back trem spring cavity, as the they are too narrow for a standard (robust) spring claw. Lastly, I typically have to widen the tremolo block route to accommodate the larger GFS block ("Shorty" steel and brass).

Below are my Squier Thin Body projects:
I even have a few Squier thin-bodied bass projects:

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