The TRPG 5.005 Help List FAQ

IV. Skinning

A. Description.
      This section hopefully will explain to all ye' whippersnappers how to edit up a skin for a model. Most of this can be found directly in your TribesTools pack, so you might as well just look there fist!

B. Needed Files.
      To make skins for tribes and tribes RPG you'll need to download the "TribesTools pack", available at this website.
      The files you will be concearned with in this pack for skinning are in the makeskin zip file of the pack.

C. Creation and Conversion.
      Well... I was going to re-write all the stuff dynamix had already written down... but I changed my mind. If you would like to know what "goes next" then go to your tribes tools pack, or to your makeskin directory and read the "makeskin.txt" file.
      To replace a skin file in TRPG just place the name of the new skin file into the \RPG\Skins directory of your tribes folder with the name of the old skin. For example; if I made a new Orc Skin file for the medium armor size to replace the old one, I would call it "rpgorc.marmor.bmp" when running "makeskin.exe" to make the skin.
Here is a list of all the skin names & their associated .vol files:
fedmonster.vol - base.fucked.bmp
min.vol - min.larmor.bmp min.marmor.bmp
robeblack.vol - robeblack.larmor.bmp robeblack.lfemale.bmp
robeblue.vol - robeblue.larmor.bmp robeblue.lfemale.bmp
robebrown.vol - robebrown.larmor.bmp robebrown.lfemale.bmp
robegreen.vol - robegreen.larmor.bmp robegreen.lfemale.bmp
robeorange.vol - robeorange.larmor.bmp robeorange.lfemale.bmp
robeblack.vol - robeblack.larmor.bmp robeblack.lfemale.bmp
robepink.vol - robepink.larmor.bmp robepink.lfemale.bmp
robepurple.vol - robepurple.larmor.bmp robepurple.lfemale.bmp
robered.vol - robered.larmor.bmp robered.lfemale.bmp
robewhite.vol - robewhite.larmor.bmp robewhite.lfemale.bmp
rpgbandedmail.vol - rpgbandedmail.larmor.bmp rpgbandedmail.lfemale.bmp
rpgbase.vol - rpgbase.larmor.bmp rpgbase.lfemale.bmp
rpgbrigadine.vol - rpgbrigadine.larmor.bmp rpgbrigadine.lfemale.bmp
rpgbronzeplate.vol - rpgbronzeplate.larmor.bmp rpgbronzeplate.lfemale.bmp
rpgchainmail.vol - rpgchainmail.larmor.bmp rpgchainmail.lfemale.bmp
rpgelf.vol - rpgelf.larmor.bmp rpgelf.lfemale.bmp
rpgfieldplate.vol - .larmor.bmp .lfemale.bmp
rpgfullplate.vol - .larmor.bmp .lfemale.bmp
rpggnoll.vol - .larmor.bmp .lfemale.bmp
rpghide.vol - .larmor.bmp .lfemale.bmp
Rpghuman.vol - rpghuman.larmor.bmp rpghuman.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman0.vol - rpghuman0.larmor.bmp rpghuman0.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman1.vol - rpghuman1.larmor.bmp rpghuman1.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman2.vol - rpghuman2.larmor.bmp rpghuman2.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman3.vol - rpghuman3.larmor.bmp rpghuman3.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman4.vol - rpghuman4.larmor.bmp rpghuman4.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman5.vol - rpghuman5.larmor.bmp rpghuman5.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman6.vol - rpghuman6.larmor.bmp rpghuman6.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman7.vol - rpghuman7.larmor.bmp rpghuman7.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman8.vol - rpghuman8.larmor.bmp rpghuman8.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman9.vol - rpghuman9.larmor.bmp rpghuman9.lfemale.bmp
rpghuman10.vol - rpghuman10.larmor.bmp rpghuman10.lfemale.bmp
rpgleather.vol - rpgleather.larmor.bmp rpgleather.lfemale.bmp
rpgorc.vol - rpgorc.harmor.bmp rpgorc.marmor.bmp rpgorc.larmor.bmp rpgorc.lfemale.bmp
rpgpadded.vol - rpgpadded.larmor.bmp rpgpadded.lfemale.bmp
rpgplatemail.vol - rpgplatemail.larmor.bmp rpgplatemail.lfemale.bmp
rpgringmail.vol - rpgringmail.larmor.bmp rpgringmail.lfemale.bmp
rpgscalemail.vol - rpgscalemail.larmor.bmp rpgscalemail.lfemale.bmp
rpgspiked.vol - rpgspiked.larmor.bmp rpgspiked.lfemale.bmp
rpgsplintmail.vol - rpgsplintmail.larmor.bmp rpgsplintmail.lfemale.bmp
rpgstudleather.vol - rpgstudleather.larmor.bmp rpgstudleather.lfemale.bmp
undead.vol - undead.harmor.bmp undead.larmor.bmp undead.lfemale.bmp undead.marmor.bmp