The TRPG 5.005 Help List FAQ

IX. Downloads
        All of the following downloads are either directly TRPG related or can be used to edit TRPG or store data about TRPG in some way. Use 7zip to unzip the .7z files:
        PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM MIRROR (if available) site first. If the mirror does not work, then try the file locally. IF you try to download them all here, the bandwidth of the site will topple and none of the files will be accessible for a few hours, possibly a full day, maybe even longer.
6536 kb - MIRROR - TribesTools.7z -THE TRIBES TOOLS PACK ! ! !
2631 kb - Not mirrored. - Not currently Available. - -The "fixed" sound files from TRPG, fixed by me.
5 kb - MIRROR - -The TRPG QUEST SCRIPTING utility, made by myself & SusanTheTraveler.
5 kb - MIRROR - -The TRPG WEAPON MAKER utility, made by myself and SusanTheTraveler (currently only makes hand-to-hand weapons.)
23 kb - MIRROR - -The re-made Damage skins, made by me as well.
106 kb - MIRROR - MIRROR - PakScape -A .vol file extractor and assembler.
219 kb - MIRROR - Volumer -A .vol file extractor, this one includes conversion for .pbmp to .bmp file types.
207 kb - MIRROR - -The 3dmax plugins rumored to enable your edit of Tribes models.
141 kb - MIRROR - -The BASE skins from Tribes.
269 kb - MIRROR - -A zip of the tribes models.
2 kb - MIRROR - -A new play.gui file (made by Zel) which enlarges the Text window and the ammount of data you can send to the maximum size.
1 kb - MIRROR - -A function that takes rapid screenshots so that you can make a tribes film.
169 kb - MIRROR - -A zip of a program that takes stats from a variety of different kinds of game servers.