I was fortunate enough to come by some very old copies of The Dog News with issues spanning the late 40's to the last 60's. I have been told the magazine has been out of business for over 20 years; but in its pinnacle it was the premiere magazine for show exhibitors. This was an all-breed magazine that had semi-annual issues dedicated to the Boxer. It is from this magazine I have found a treasure trove of photos and priceless (yet timeless) articles. I have reproduced some of these valuable photos and articles to show with the generations of today. As well, a past breeder/exhibitor of Boxers passed alone her collection of older Boxer Review magazines from the 1980's. I have also taken advertised photos from these issues. Only in observing the past can we continue to make our future bright.

Arriba Boxers
Page 1
Ch Arriba's Castanet
Ch Arriba's Prima Donna
Ch Arriba's Prima Calypso
Ch Arriba's Carioca

ICh Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM
Page 1
ICh Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM LOM

Ch Baroque of Quality Hill
Page 1
Ch Baroque of Quality Hill

Salgray Boxers
Page 1
Am/Can Ch Salgray's Battle Chief, SOM
Page 2
Am/Can Ch Salgray's Battle Chief, SOM
Am/Can Ch Marquam Hills Flamingo, DOM
Ch Salgray's Marauder
Ch Salgray's Sabre Jet
Page 3
Ch Salgray's Standing Ovation, SOM LOM
Ch Salgray's Auntie Mame, DOM
Ch Salgray's Fashion Plate, SOM
Ch Salgray's Ambush, SOM LOM
Ch Salgray's Flying High, SOM LOM

Mazelaine Boxers
Page 1
Ch Mazelaine Zazarac Brandy, SOM
Three Westminster Best In Show Winners - 1952 Parade of Champions
Ch Warlord of Mazelaine, SOM
Ch Mazelaine's Zazarac Brandy, SOM
Ch Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM LOM

Page 2
Ch Mazelaine Zazarac Brandy, SOM
Ch Warlord of Mazelaine, SOM
Ch Mazelaine Shot O'Brandy

Page 3
Ch Nocturne of Mazelaine, DOM

A wonderful photo spread was done for an old magazine with the subject being Ch Warlord of Mazelaine competing at Westminster. I have scanned all the photos and have added the original captions.

Marquam Hill Boxers
Page 1
Ch Marquam Hill's Comanche, SOM
Ch Marquam Hill's Fashion Plate
Ch Marquam Hill's Traper of TuRo, SOM
Legacy of Clover Downs, DOM
Page 2
Ch Marquam Hill's Ginger Snap

Berena Boxers
page 1
Ch Berena's Gemini Splashdown, SOM LOM
Ch Berena's Tribute to Fa-Fa, SOM

Ch Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM LOM
Page 1
Some beautiful photos of Bang Away including several from that fateful puppy match
when he was first discovered by Frau Stockmann.
Page 2
More wonderful beautiful photos of Bang Away including winning as a Veteran
and the famous retirement party thrown by the American Boxer Club.
Page 3
A clever cartoon that was run in the June 1952 Dog News.
Page 4
Dash dog food ad with winning photo from Westminster
Page 5
Full color 2 page spread done on Bang Away by Colliers Magazine.
Page 6
Associated Press photo taken 1956 at retirement party in New York
Page 7
Early photo taken 1951 by famed Life Magazine photographer, George Silk.
Page 8
A Westminster article that was run in the February 27, 1956 Life magazine.
Page 9
Bangaway at Westminster Kennel Club 1952, laying on his bench

Ch Break Away of Sirrah Crest (litter brother)

Am/Can Ch Spark Plug, SOM
Best in Working Group photo - 1954 Westminster Kennel Club

Some Other Old Photos
page 1
Ch Zack Von Dom, SOM
Ch Mazelaine Peace Parley
Ch Luger V.D. Belzig
ICh Sigurd Von Dom of Barmere
ICh Bastel Vom Elbufer of Barmere
Ch Dirndl V. Stolzenhof
Ch Franzi V.D. Wurm
Ch Yarmouth of Barmere
Ch Escort of Dorick
Ch Clark's Good News

Ch Yobang of Sirrah Crest

Ch Yoomph of Sirrah Crest

ICh Ursa Major of Sirrah Crest

Rival v. Dom 1960

ICh Lustig vom Dom of Tulgey Wood, LOM 1933

Am/Can Ch Wagner Wilvirday Famous Amos, SOM LOM

Ch Benjoman of 5T's, SOM

ICh Mephisto's Vendetta, SOM

Ch Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker, SOM LOM

Ch Araby's Shortstop

Ch Siegel's Top Contender

Ch Dodi v.d. Stoekersburg - cover of the April 1934 Kennel Gazette

Master Langtze of Doll House - ABC 1950 Grand Futurity Winner

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