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The following are sites for FREE Fantasy Leagues.

My Nascar Prediction league

Click this one to go to Mr. E's

Click here to play

$$ sign up for this game and win cash $$
Just like I did !!! Fantasy Racing Online

Nascar Online's Championship Challenge

Fantasy Racing 2000

Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing
email me for login info

Chicago Hellhound

Net Racing

Collective Racing

Racing Haven Fantasy 2000 from Sweetsports

Tony's NASCAR Fantasy League

Crew Chief's Fantasy Racing 2000

Sandbox ~ Running 3 Wide
League= ADSN FANTASY LEAGUE password= webtv
also in the sandbox check out Racin' the Past ~ League= ADSN Racers password= WEBTV
and Tradin' Paint ~ League= ADSN Fantasy Password= WebTV

Sports Shares ~ Group: ADSN

Racing 4 U

Fox Extreme Fantasy Racing