Sears Discovery (Charm) School
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Sears Discovery (Charm) School

Kelly Hu owes her successful career to the training program at The Sears Discovery (Charm) School (Sears Roebuck & Company). Established in the late 1970's, Sears Discovery School provided self-development for young women. The intensive workshop covered topics in : Hair, Skin, Make-up, Wardrobe, Exercise, Posture, Voice and Modeling. There are two bonus sections in the book: A diary to track your progress and a "special" section in the back on "how to have charisma".

Though the workbook was created in the late 70's, many of the tips and techniques mentioned are still very applicable in today's modern world. The most valuable part of the book is the very last section titled: "Your Voice, Your Confidence, Your Image, Your Personality". It’s easy to think a beautiful face and figure are the answer to everything. But in reality they are not. They help, but if those mysterious inner qualities are missing you can be sure the total effect can be less than terrific. Its true, attractive people do have a certain advantage over people who may not be as beautiful but if you have that "special touch", that you exude, people pick up on those vibes. Have you ever noticed how a beautiful girl can ruin her attractive image when she opens her mouth? If her voice is unpleasant or babyish; or talks about herself all the time, she no longer seems lovely! At the same time an average girl can come off fabulously by projecting a bright personality with a warm pleasant voice . Your voice and speech and attitude can draw people to you or turn them off. You can begin to see how important it is to learn to express the ‘inner you’ that’s beyond make-up and personality. The word charisma can best describe that quality. The Charisma section of the book is highly recommended reading for people who are interested in learning about how to obtain that "special magic"...something that Kelly Hu definitely posesses! Listen to her voice. Look at her photographs. If you have read the article on The Fans of Kelly Hu Homepage, Kelly says that her mother signed her up for the only modeling course that she could afford..."The Sears Charm School and it paid off... I learned a lot from them. I wanted to learn so much that I was like a sponge, I absorbed everything that they told me, and I worked on it. I worked a lot". What makes this training so unique and unlike any other training are the exercises and application. I have personally applied the Sears Workbook/Training and as strange as it may seem, it really works!!

Skin Care: Where Do you Fit In?, How To Test For Your Skin Type?, How to Routine for Normal, Oily,Dry ,Combo, Troubled or Sensitive Skin, Basic Skin Care: Nourishment, Cleansing, Removing Make-Up, Conditioning, Stimulating, Facial Masks.
Get Yourself Together: Grooming, The Big Ten Grooming Aids, How To Turn Your Daily Bath Into a Spa, How to Give Yourself a Manicure and Pedicure, Tips for Super Nails and hands, 4 Ways to Stay Sweet, Soft and Clean, How to Keep Your Big Beautiful Smile, The Sweet Scent of You, Caring For Your Clothes - 5 Super Secrets.
Now Hair This: Determine Your Hair Type, The PH Factor:Know What's Best For You, What You Need To Know About Hair Products, Go With What YOu've Got, How to Shampoo, Condition, Condition with Liquid Protein, How To Use Beauty Appliances, Black Hair - How To Keep Black Hair Beautiful, Beauty Brushup - When to Brush, Basic Types of Brushes, How To Care For Your Hairbrush
The Magic of Make-up: Making It Work In Harmony, Your Color Sampler, Tools of the Trade, Learn to Read Labels, Choosing a Foundation, Choosing The Right Make-up, The Pros Secret, Blushers - For a Radiant Glow Shape, Where to Place Your Blush of Color, Power - The Finishing Touch, Accent on Lips - Knowing LipColors outlines and brushes, How To Use Lipstick, Brush and Lipstick Pencil, How to Apply Cream Shadow, Powder Shadow, Colored Pencils, How to Pluck Eyebrows, Your Make-up Blueprint.
Look Good and Feel Good: Exercise/Nutrition,How Do You Shape Up?, Try to Pinch Test, Let's Weigh-in, Six Basic Figure Types, Body Motions, Your Calorie, Check List.
A Flair For Fashion: Fashion, Fashion Starts With You, Dressing to Flatter Your Figure, Fashion Dressing In Pieces To Get The Most Fashion Mileage, Accesorize.
Modeling To Look Your Best: How To Line-up For A Beautiful Look, Problems and Solutions, How To Stand, Sit, Walk, Go Up and Down the Stairs, Get In and Out of the Car, Modeling Techniques: Stance, Walk, Pivot, etc..., How To Take Part In A Runway Fashion Show.
Your Voice, Your Confidence, Your Image, Your Personality: Exercises to have Charm and Charisma (THE BEST SECTION OF THE BOOK!!)

If you are interested in learning more about "The Sears Discovery (Charm) School" or would like to learn on how to obtain it, please email me.This book is not available in any store.

Keep checking back this page as I will be putting materials and photos from this book. Stay tuned!!

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