Welcome to the "Fans Of Kelly Hu" Homepage!
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Welcome to the "Fans Of Kelly Hu" Homepage!


Welcome to the unofficial Kelly Hu fan page! If you have any comments, questions, corrections, or additions regarding this site, e-mail all inquiries to me.

Kelly Ann Hu, a Hawaiian-born beauty who currently lives in Brentwood, California, was born on February 13, 1968 of a Chinese, English, and Hawaiian lineage. Her favorite activities include aerobics, ballet, karate, and rollerskating. Kelly recalls playing hockey earlier on...

"I even played hockey once, but I got smashed in the face with the ball and decided 'never again.'"

Her mother even sent her to charm school... and it DEFINITELY paid off...

"My mom sent me to the cheapest one around... I absorbed everything that they told me."

To that charm school: I (the creator of this fan page) would personally like to "thank you for shaping one of your students into one the most intriguing, talented, and beautiful actresses/models around." This can be exemplified by her numerous credentials. For starts, Kelly Hu (at age 16) was named Miss Teen Hawaii 1985 and then moved on to becoming Miss Teen USA 1985. After that, she landed several modeling assignments. She also has several TV/commercial/movie credits under her belt. One such movie that Hu appeared in was the 1991 Oliver Stone movie, "The Doors", where she was in the Thanksgiving birthday party scenes...

"I was there helping Meg Ryan...vomit."


I have devised a table of all Kelly Hu movie/commercial/TV credits that I am aware of. If you would like to make an addition (I need photos,HELP!) or correction, be sure to write to me via e-mail at the address below.

Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan Fakin 'D Funk Strange Days Surf Ninjas The Doors Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Sunset Beach No Way Back (TV Movie) 21 Jump Street Mr.and Mrs. Smith One West Waikiki The Sentinel Murder One Pacific Blue Renegade Family Ties Melrose Place Growing Pains Night Court Tour of Duty Star Command (TV Special)

Vidal Sassoon Mary Kay Cosmetics Bud Light Thrifty Rental Ricoh Camaras Ivory Soap Dole Pineapple Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Italy)

Internet Count Hits

This Nov./Dec.'93 cover of Face Magazine was taken from http://www.tmiweb.com/Bigfree/Facefree/coverold/coverold.html

You didn't want to see Dr. Rae Chang of Sunset Beach to leave, right? Neither did I! Her last airdate on this soap was on June 5, 1997. Would you like to see her back on the soap? Let's try to bring her back by writing in to Sunsetbeach@nbc.com or by writing to: Sunset beach c/o Studio 11, Burbank, CA 91523. Tell the Sunset beach that they've made an awful mistake!

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