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Delmar Antonio: Dreaming About Life
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The Eccentric part of me is rather, well, eccentric. Let us, if I may digress briefly, consider the etymology of the word eccentric. The word originates from Latin, "ec" meaning away and "centr" referring to the center, or the middle. What this term has come to mean is that an eccentric object or person is unorthodox, deviating from popular belief or culture, strange, and/or unpopular. The reason I have wasted text space with this tedious explication, is because, to this day, nobody can actually define what is normal or what is popular or what is the majority. People are fickle, times change, and consequently, when the mainstream cannot be defined, the eccentric also cannot be defined. Many people can nominally catergorize themselves as eccentric, because it is easy to say that one has not encountered a vast amount of people whom they feel have many common interests with.

I accept this statement, but still attest to being an eccentric. It is what I aspire towards, and what I invariably am in times when it doesn't suit me. Not only do I feel that I possess knowledge transcendental to mainstream beliefs (a great many people profess to this), but I feel that I possess processes which make this thinking instrumental to my existence.

Let us, for example, consider three glasses of water. The first glass, which we will affectionately refer to as alpha is rather tall with a small opening. The second glass, beta is rather short, with a wide opening (it ludicrously resembles a bowl, more than it does a glass). The third glass omega (there's a striking name!) is of medium height, with a medium sized opening. Let us consider these glasses analogous to people. Now, let us assume every glass has a use; of course the most obvious use is to temporarily hold some sort of liquid, water, for instance. Alpha, in this case is filled nearly to the brim (though the volume of the glass is considerably less than both Beta and Omega). The water is rather dim, as it has several pollutants swirling in it sinisterly. Beta is nowhere near full, as it has a considerable less volume of water than alpha, however the water is suprisingly more pristine, though not crystal clear. Now, Omega has arbitrarily, about the same amount of water as Beta (give or take a few ounces), and its contents are virtually free of all murkiness. Much more Omega seems to be constantly purified, and seems to be filled and used more often.

As I said, the glasses were to be considered analogous to people. If you couldn't infer as much, the water was a metaphor for knowledge. This extended metaphor (or conceit if you choose to deem it so) was meant to show several things: the construction of the glasses was a factor in its usefulness. Alpha and Beta's constructions made them rather difficult in the handling of water, which can be inferred to mean, a person's mental processes can make the processing of knowledge a rather imprecise and impractical event. The purity of the water, aka the preciseness, and/or quality of knowledge, was also a factor. By the amount of water, I actually was referring to something a little off base-knowledge synonymous to experience or age. As we saw, Alpha was filled with much more water than Beta or Omega. The volume of each respectively, however, was greater than Alpha's, and much more, their water was purer, illustrating the way in which experience plays a role in our lives. Well, the whole point of this miniature dissertation was to illustrate what makes me an eccentric. I hope you have learned something. Check back every week to see new philosophies on eccentricism and/or really weird or obscure things!