the Bran
(Another plight of medic's...)


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3XX3is available as of 10/25/01. This is the triple-split personality CD featuring the Brain Pause, (Distraction), and the Bran (Another plight of medic's...) Pos. Hand-stamped CDrs include beautiful card-printed lyric/instruction insert. $8 or trade, but we need to sell some as they are individually packaged by (poor) human(s). Click here to order online right now through paypal. Let us know if you're radio or press, as Chitah! Chitah! is radio-friendly and press (not you phonies) is helpful. Radio/press that normally receive Chitah! Chitah! releases can expect copies within 2 weeks. This one was worth the wait, it looks even better than the "pro" job that fell through and caused us so much heartache and financial loss earlier this year. fuckem get yours now and treasure it.

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