The Bran (Another plight of medic’s…) Pos is the ongoing sound performance and recording project of Jake Rodriguez from San Francisco, CA. The project in sound balances a fine line between harsh noise, 20th/21st Century experimental exploration, heavy psychedelia, opera, and modern electronic music—technically siphoning the natural unpredictable qualities of the voice as a source and trigger for far more unworldly electronic sounds. Rodriguez has been seriously tinkering with this sound since 1993, but as an extension of performance that he has been involved in since the late 70s. He has performed in theater, radio, TV, and film since childhood and considers the Bran (…) Pos to be a further extension of a single continuum that began with roles in countless industrial and educational films as well as appearances on an ABC Movie of the Week and the short-lived All in the Family spin-off, Gloria. Many of these small films have been since forgotten and most have never even been seen by Rodriguez so he welcomes any leads anyone may have regarding these. Note that his professional name at the time was Jacob Donner, so scan your late 70s/early 80s educational/industrial/student films for one Jacob Donner and contact the Bran (…) Pos. SEE more of the Bran Pos in action.

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