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Missing Persons

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Cyndi Search Message Center

These Persons are MISSING & IN DANGER Please visit there web pages.

                                       Cyndi Vanderheiden                        Annie & her two children Missing Without A trace                        Chevelle Wheeler                                                 Edward Winans                                       

(Wes Shermantine & Loren Herzog have been Arrested in connection with both Cyndi & Chevelle & 4 others Murder)                

Gayle Marks             Kristin Smart              Michael Madden             

Kristen Modafferi          Suzanne Lyall


Never Leave A Loved One Without A Hug. It May Be Your Last Chance.


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Chevelle Wheeler
DOB: Oct.27,1968
Date Missing: Oct.16,1985    Chevelle Lived in Stockton California and attended Lincoln High School where she was last seen getting into a red pick up truck, she had told her friends that she was leaving with WESLEY SHERMANTINE JR (from San Andreas California) and would return at noon, Chevelle never returned and never was heard from or saw again. Two men were questioned in this case. One was Wes Shermantine from San Andreas California and the other was Loren Herzog from Linden California. These are the same two men who are who are now behind bars as of March 1999 for the MURDER of Chevy and Cyndi Vanderheiden. As of April the sheriffs Dept. brought in a scanning machine to scan the property of Wes's parents house property, hope this brings some closure.  Mr.& Mrs. Wheeler my heart goes out to you, 14 yrs is a long time to endure the pain of not knowing but there day in court is here lets make sure they FRY!!!. My prayers are with Chevelle and your family. I hope we can all put some closure to both Cyndi and Chevelles disappearance soon. God Bless you. For more information see Chevelle on; National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Email:


Gayle Marks Date Missing Oct.1988 Gayle Marie Marks vanished out of Stockton California, San Joaquin County. Just like Chevelle Wheeler and Cyndi Vanderheiden all three girls are from San Joaquin County..Makes you wonder what's going on don't it? If it don't it should!! Stockton Police Department is in charge of the mystery of Gayle. Who took her? Where is she? If you have any information Please Contact Stockton STOCKTON POLICE DEPARTMENT at 209-937-8377 Email:


~Law Enforcement~Safe Kids International~(for more info)

Amber alert is a system Texas uses and we here and in California are hoping to get up and running. A loved one shows up missing you report it, it automaticlly goes out just like storm warning alerts over the air waves, television. Time is of the essience here, the faster the info gets out the the faster the recovery of your loved one. The first 24 hrs are the most crusual. Contact your local reprasenatives about bringing this into effect in your state.


Take a close look, is your loved one male or female missing from Northern California or is a victim of murder that is unsolved if so call SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY SHERIFFS these two men have been killing since the 1984's the # is up to 6 and growing by the day, they kidnap, they rape they torture, they murder woman, they usually shoot to death the men. Lets keep these guys from preying on our loved ones, lets not tear any more families lives apart.


Loren Herzog, and arresting photo


Wes Shermantine, and arresting photo

If you know these two men, and know about there activities or know where Cyndi or Chevy can be found PLEASE call San Joaquin County Sheriffs in California or call "CYNDI SEARCH HEADQUARTERS 1-888-44-CYNDI" Both men are known to travel in the following areas in Northern California, CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, SACRAMENTO COUNTY, MEDESTO AREA, CALAVARAS COUNTY, THEY TRAVEL TO NEVADA,NOW ALSO UTAH THEY CLAIM TO BE HUNTERS AND ARE BACK WOODS FRIENDLY...


Its up to us to change the laws, if you dont vote your voice does not count.

   WHERE IS KRISTIN SMART? Why won't you talk about Kristin? Paul are you GUILTY?


    Paul Flores    

Kristin was last seen alive the evening of May 25, 1996, around 2 a.m. as she and Cheryl Anderson, another student, left a party to return to their dorm rooms. A fellow student, food science major Paul Flores, then just 19 years old, offered to walk with them, according to a search warrant affidavit. Friends said Kristin appeared intoxicated that night. She and Flores had talked during the party. As Anderson turned to her dorm building, Flores, who lived in an adjacent building, assured her he would see Kristin safely home, the affidavit said.
"Kristin never got there".
Flores gave two brief statements to campus police in the days immediately after Kristin vanished. He said they had parted ways as they approached their respective dorms. For four weeks, campus police treated her disappearance as a missing persons case.They believe they know who is responsible for her disappearance. They have studied his face, tracked him from job to job, besieged his family with letters, sued him and learned more about this man than they ever thought possible. His name is Paul Flores, and police say he is their only suspect. But as yet there is no hard evidence, no weapon, no body. Kristin Smart vanished, apparently leaving no clues behind. "It's been like having an open wound and having someone continually pouring salt in it," Denise Smart said, her voice faltering. "Having a missing child is just not something that gets better over time. It's another dimension, and it just can't heal." Virtually from the beginning, Flores, his parents, his aunt and his sister have all refused to discuss the case, and they declined to respond to The Examiner's requests for comment. Even Flores' former lawyer, Greg Coates, would not comment other than to say there were "no facts to indicate that Paul had anything to do with the disappearance of Kristin Smart." So the story has been left largely to the Smarts to tell. It's a sad mystery, and it's the story of parents' relentless effort to find their daughter, or her body.

Our Childrin Are Our Future, Prediators Our The End Of Our Future.

"Thank You Toni"

Our community is a much safer place now with this KILLER behind bars. Now lets make him pay for his horrific crimes. Thank you once again....  

  I hope you find this web-site very informational. We have made this Web Page in honor of Cyndi Vanderheiden. If you have any information on any one of the suspects or predators seen on this site please e-mail Cyndi Search at, web designer & co/founder of Cyndi Search headquarters, or contact your local police department. Its up to you and I to make our communities a safe place to raise our children, to take a walk, to simply go to the store. Thank you for visiting this web site, Please come back again I will be updating and adding new links and information to the site. God Bless our Dear Cyndi, Spread your wings and Fly...Missing you forever and forever heartbroken over our loss...

Love your Life, for its the only life you have
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