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Vote Calvin/Hobbes 2000!

Happy Holidays from the campaign trail. from Calvin & Hobbes

"I'm only civil because I don't know swear words"-Calvin, Global Tiger Party candidate for President in 2000
Calvin's Survey
Would you support a Calvin/Hobbes ticket in November?

Calvin has said that he will cut taxes by 54%, lower the voting age, and to pass into law a Transmogrifer Act, do you apporove of these opinions?

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Current Results

Calvin & Hobbes show in this picture- have announced they will run for President in 2000. Their failed run at the Presidency in 1996 as Independents, has only given them momenteum for 2000, according to Hobbes the VP candidate. Although longtime friend Bill Watterson no longer writes down their adventures Calvin is sure he will back their 2000 run. They have released a few photos shown below...
Well, there you have it, all about the C&H2000 bid for the White House so long.
09 May 2000
January 23,1999 Vice President Al Gore formally denied that he hated Bill Watterson, and stated that he had no idea who Watterson was, or why C&H were pulling way out of reach in the polls. A USA RightNow poll shows that C&H have 87% of the vote and Gore lingering at 3%. Nobody For President has 6%.
"George Bush is in a lot of pain over this." said a man from Bush's Exploratory Commitee. Bush himself made a speech concerning the scandal. With attacks already on Bush spoke solemly, "I don't think I can last much longer." Republicans are in a fury over this piece of news and President Clinton had no comment.
Calvin & Hobbes pull in front at 85%
January 22,1999 A scandal of unknown origions hit Gore & Bush last night proclaiming that they both hated Bill Watterson, C&H's #1 Supporter. A poll taken from November 13, 1998-January 20,1999 showed that the C&H steamroller crushed 'em anywhere from 79% to 85%. C&H fans were glad at the news, and both Gore & Bush were unavailble for comment.
January 10,1999 Al Gore, the current Vice President of the United States of America went on national TV last night, and picked Hobbes, a tiger, currently a member of the GROSS Party, to run with him in 2000. Hobbes was watching TV with his pleged Presidential running mate, Calvin. Calvin says the first thing out of Hobbes' mouth was "Nothing doing." Hobbes was unavalible at C&H2000 Headquaters in California. Hobbes, was once a candidate for Congress in 1984 with the Democratic Party. This appeared to be the reason Gore nominated Hobbes. However, several political anaylsts claimed that Gore was trying to chicken out of a Calvin & Hobbes Ticket. A poll of 2346 adults aged 18-101, showed only 13% support for the Vice President, as only 4 percent supported a Gore Presidency. visitors since 11/13/98

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