Power Pack is arguably one of the finer written comics of its time. Its readers became greatly attached to the book and the lives of the Power children (and Franklin too). We all felt like crying at the poignant scene of Annalees death during the Mutant Massacre, and Leech's broken heart. When Friday died we were all crushed, and when Friday was resusitated, we all cheered, and I even maybe, let a tear or two by.
Granted, there were a couple things that didn't work. The whole constantly changing around the powers stories really bugged. And Michael Higgins and Tom Morgan were absolutely by far the worst writer/artist team to work together in the last decade. They ruined the pack, we all know that. And where the hell did they come up with the idea to turn Alex into a Kymellian. I'm glad that storyline got scrapped when Alex joined the New Warriors.
Power Pack, your fans love you. And we're glad you're back.

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