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"Why twenty years ago..."

This is the only site on the internet dedicated to a single episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, namely episode #51 Piledriver. YEAH! Space Coast Coast to Coast is brought to me through Cartoon Network. To see what is on Cartoon network right now, WHAP!

On this site you can read the entire script of the episode with .wav files embedded in the text so you can download while you read and laugh while you listen. Oh this episode is great!
Come on and read the Script!!!

Extra Boni (Plural for 'bonus'):

Hey kiddies! It's me, Zorak, do you want to scare Space Ghost and all your little friends? Then come to

my place and we'll threaten him!!

Johnny Bravo .wav's!

Uh... Hi I'm Moltar, I am now offering an opportunity to become an intern... Just click on my head to enter:
click here to be moltar's aprentice!

Welcome to Leonard Ghostals Twilight Zone! YEAH!

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