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Last updated [21/08/98]
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Shadowcraft was formed sometime in 1995 with the hope of facilitating the programming and distribution of our releases. Today, almost 2 years later we are still memberless, but that doesn't stop us from releasing some darn good utilities. Enjoy the site,

Shadow Lord
Head of Shadowcraft


Alias Age Gender Department Number of releases
Shadow Lord 19 Male Intros, Utilities 15
TDR 20 Male Design 0

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Filename Release Date Description
CLEANER.ZIP 28/11/96 CLEANER v1.01 - This program will search your hard disk for junk files or directories and automaticly remove them for you.
DESTROY.ZIP 28/08/96 DESTROY v1.1 - Silent, quick and deadly DELTREE.
¥ STEALTH mode
ETHEREAL.ZIP 04/02/97 An intro made for ETHEREAL VOID BBS. Designed by AVATAR.
FONT.ZIP 28/09/96 FONT - Replaces dos fonts with custom user fonts.
FONTEDIT.ZIP 28/09/96 FONTEDIT - Creates custom dos fonts to be used with FONT.ZIP.
INFR0309.ZIP 03/09/97 INFERNO v1.01 - Enhanced BBS listing with Blazing colors and great music.
¥ Text searches
¥ Automatic sorting
¥ Longer descriptions
¥ Printer support
¥ Lots of information in very compact form
INFRJUXT.ZIP 10/01/97 INFRJUXT - Imports JUXTAPOSITION bbs listing into INFERNO.
INSANITY.ZIP 29/10/96 INSANITY - Collection of text files containing lots of funny and crazy stories.
PACK1.ZIP 19/02/97 PACK1 - Compresses each file in its own individual file:
¥ more upon request
RANDOM1.ZIP 24/11/96 RANDOM1 v1.1 - Advertisment for RANDOM THOUGHTS BBS.
RGBPAL.ZIP 10/03/97 RGBPAL - Allows modification of text-palette. Don't like your colors in DOS? Change 'em!
SCPAPP.ZIP 29/05/96 SCPAPP - Shadowcraft member application program


Name Description Progress Leader
String String class - A wrapper which enhances functionality of for the standard 'string' class. Coding: 90%
Optimization: 90%
Shadow Lord
File File class - Allow manipulation of Files. Coding: 60%
Optimization: 00%
Shadow Lord
Tui Tui class - Contains Text User Interface (TUI) related functions. Coding: 100%
Optimization: 80%
Shadow Lord
Cursor Cursor class - Allow manipulation of Cursor. Coding: 100%
Optimization: 100%
Shadow Lord
TWindow TWindow class - Allow manipulation of text-mode windows. Coding: 100%
Optimization: 100%
Shadow Lord
DateTime DateTime class - Allow manipulation of schedule. Any combination of dates and times can be stored by this class.
NOTE: This class is in need of heavy testing, please click on the class name to download a copy.
Coding: 100%
Optimization: 100%
Testing: 0%
Last updated - 21/08/98
Shadow Lord

If you're interested in joining/creating a project, let us know.


[ Begin Critic Mode ]

I require absolutely NO registration for my programs. I see no reason why ANY author should charge registration for something so small. Yes, you run it everyday, whooppie who da day. Registration spoils the fun, and also makes many people who can't program go broke from paying registrations to simple programs. ANY author who charges for software similar to mine should go jump off a cliff. If I can program equivalent programs, I will. Payment is for those who are greedy. See, I started off programming this for my use only, and it eventually made it's way to be released. So, if I've already gotten the return I originally expected, why should I charge?

This is not to say I don't agree with registering software. I do; if the author has put a lot of time and effort into the program and the registration is reasonable. I've made a sincere promise to myself that no program of mine that is simple will require registration. I've also made a promise to myself that if I do plan to charge registration, it will always be cheap and affordable, paying less for quality is my concept.

I'm not meaning to direct this at any specific person. I have however looked at many programs in the past and just recently, that are good programs, but ruined by greedy programmers. Leave the cheating of people to the corrupt politicians (not saying that all politicians are ;) and let normal computer users enjoy a hobby that is already expensive enough!

So, to any author who charges for simple software, including simple editors etc, my suggestion is STOP asking for registration. I do this as a hobby, it's fun, but it's better to know that people like my program and use it, rather then having people going 'MY GOD $15 DOLLARS FOR A MASTER FILE LIST GENERATOR?' .. Lame, honest to goodness, lame. Greed goes beyond that of just asking for money, I wouldn't mind so much if it was something that a lot of work was put into, or even if the support was absolutly great .. But I see people just charging for something really simple, going 'Send me $10 for the userlist generator' .. gimme a break people, do you absolutely feel you deserve recognition for your work? If you do, then the gratitude of others should be enough to overpower your greed.

So, again, my programs are FREE of charge. Absolutely no money down, no payment .. ever. If you really want to send me something, umm, a nice little message saying 'I like your program, and I use it all the time' is all I really need to make my day.

[ End Critic Mode ]

<Original text by TIM STRIKE>


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