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YYou have reached the online home of TDGS!

Exclusive, See Our New Commercial! (56k) (cable).

On this site you can find out about the show, what it's all about, the history of it, and why it's headed for national television!

Then you can take a look at some of Danny Gayle's monologue which kicks off every show (WARNING! Do not attempt to perform these without qualified supervision).

If you've never seen his live stand-up show (on tour across North America), you can see him live in concert.

You can also hear these and other various sound bytes from not only the monologue, but other dynamic parts of the show (including the radio version!).

The excitement continues to reach peak levels as you view original desk pieces.

Maybe you want to give us your comments or apply for a job or volunteer position. This is the site to do it!

After you've looked at some of the press, you can find out information about the host before you read about it in the National Enquirer!

On new comedy we are always introducing new features such as our job listings for the unemployable and a dating service for anyone but you! When you think you've reached your peak, challenge yourself with our interactive Game Shows like: 'Beat the Host', 'Name That Celebrity', and 'Create Your Own Monologue!'.

If you're not that brave yet, you can get Danny Gayle or another cast member to call someone for you anywhere in the World...then hear it online! Don't miss our famous host interact page either!

To keep up with the latest advances to this site, you can also join our 110% free mailing list. If you feel financially brave, you can even take the show home!

From comedy to drama, The Danny Gayle Show is heading to a TV screen near you!

Click here to see a live video from the show!
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