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There's no turning back now. Why would you want to? It's nice here. Trust me. I like it. You will like it too.

You know the band, you know the players, you know everything now don't you, well, there's more. more than you ever imagined. yes, yes, welcome to it all.

What can I say?? The Cure is the keenest bunch of lads I've ever set me eyes on!! I have most of the records they have made... or so I believe in my warped little mind... The music they make, has turned me into a drooling, stalking, obsessive, compulsively demented, utterly non-functioning member, of this so called "society" from stalking them at their hotel, to jumping fences at concerts, meeting other "stalkers" ummm, I mean "fans" and becoming sick, twisted friends with the likes of them. I'm not obsessed, I'd never really stalk them, besides, I don't know where they live exactly, but I do know where YOU live, and I'm coming over to make you part of my freakish "stalking" cult so join me now... while you still have the chance.

And after looking into my warped little mind, and you have'nt lost yours, take a look at this nice little bit dedicated to Roger! Just click on his face below (and careful not to bruise) and you will see my little obsession, ummm, I mean, page, dedicated to Roger....

Now to MY obsession (I assure you, we are two different people doing this, i swear, no seriously, it's true). Yes, my "obsession" or preoccupation (it's sad but I can hardly find anything better to do) is Robert. And I know I'm one of the millions...but well, who can resist? But really, maybe it's just The Cure, or maybe just Robert, but maybe all of it, I don't know. STOP questioning me.

Go here if you really want to know what's going on, or just get close to it, we can never reach it, you know. Of course you do. Just click, click away. This is all insanity. But what can we do?

I really do apologize for the looney little things we've said, but how can we resist? We can't we musent, we must submit to our page... our lovely little page...I'm just hoping that you can all appreciate the little things in life, such as, Ramen Noodles, Gingerbread cookies, vanilla tea, and smiles, Robert, Roger, Robert, Roger, Simon, Perry, and oh yes, Jason as well, mum's cooking, a nice cozy flat in London, a job as a barkeep, superstars as friends, plastic knives, paper plates, dogs called Buddy, and Buddies named Dog, and Duckie too, we love Duckie, ooooh yes we do.

You must always remember, that I have no control over the voices, yes I do, no I don't, anyhow moving on, where the hell are my happy pills?? DID YOU TAKE THEM!?? Hope not, cos I'm awful scary without them, you think I'm mad now, just wait after a few hours without the Happy Pills...scary....very scary... did I mention... I love The Cure? I'm sure they're embarrassed to have fans like myself, and the Other, but, well, what can I say? Perhaps this will change, and not be so mad the next time you read this, but I'm not making any promises.... sorry boys about the mess, just step over the bodies in the hallway, and never, never, look in the basement.

and the happy pills say: yes, she'll be better, she'll be good. we promise you. just come back. everything's okay, everything will be all good. (we are the happy pills, they sing)

And now a word from our sponser: We have nothing to do with this, these women are mad...


HOME: I'm going back to the land of the blind
ROGER: like I said: so glad you came (so go there now already)
SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR - I forgot what it was
SPACEMONKEY: Go there, I know you want to...