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The Nocturnal Lyric was a yearly literary zine which printed bizarre horror fiction and poetry.

News - update 2016

Trying to downsize and empty the vaults of all our old back issues! Prices are now $1 each for all of them! Stock up on those your work appeared in or get ones you somehow missed HERE! You can order easily using Paypal - or check or money order!


#71 was our last isue.

I am sorry to say, this was our last issue. Thank you to all who have made TNL a wonderfully interesting magazine throughout the last quarter of a century (!). Yes, I started it in 1987 and am amazed it lasted this long. I was sad to come to this decision, but honestly, I was tired of doing this year after year. And...writers today do have many more opportunities to get their work out there than they did when I first started. It is now easier than ever to self-publish, or put out your own website or blog.

You may send me links to YOUR sites or blogs or anything else you'd like to promote and I'll put together a page of them.

Good-bye to all our faithful writers and readers, and good luck in all your future endeavors!


If you were expecting a copy of any issue and have not yet received it, check to see if your name is on our "Missing List". Some copies which were mailed out had been returned and are still hanging around.


The TNL Museum!

Finally! A 2016 update to get this museum started!

I scanned and uploaded the entire catalog of "Puff, the Nocturnal Sheep cartoons, going way back to the first one, back in 1988, appearing in issue #6! Enjoy!

The Puff Archives


My other projects!

The BookShelf

I have an online bookshop called The BookShelf. I've accumulated a lot of interesting old and unusual books throughout the years, and just have too many to keep. If you like old books, take a look at:

My blog!

Those of you who have been following TNL for years may remember my passion for my favorite movie, "Horror Hospital" and its star, Robin Askwith. For some insane reason, I've decided to see every OTHER movie and TV show he's ever been in and blog about it. Usually I find blogs a little pretentious, but, hey, Robin needs a bigger web presence. Click below to view it, and add yourself as a "follower"!

The Robin Askwith Movie Review Blog

Our PO Box closed at the end of August, 2011. You can reach me through email now....   TheNocturnallyric


TNL readers/writers links!

Were you one of our writers, poets, or subscribers? You are welcome to email us links to your blogs, websites, zines, or anything else you wish to promote! I'll post them here!


Just got word that the author of "The Gothic Rainbow" (which we reviewed back in 1997), ERIC MUSS-BARNES, has written a sequel which you can preview and order here:

Annwn's Maelstrom Festival


And here's something that sounds interesting: - the first peer-to-peer platform specifically for the independent publishing market. It focuses on selling printed magazines, zines and comics direct from publishers.


Roo Bardookie: Collector of Trash and Circus Freaks


Love Poet Nikhil Parekh -




Steve Grogan -


Mike "Mo" Benson -

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