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Updated in May 2020


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Here it is! The very last issue of The Nocturnal Lyric to ever be published! Get it while you still can, because when it's's gone for good!

Issue #71 - $1.00 - 2011

35 copies left!

Stories by:

Jeffrey Dean Palmatier, Brian Rowe, M. A. Jones, Steven Grogan, Gary H. McCullough, Juliana Laurie, Rebecca L. Dupree, John Ragusa, Eileen Maksym, Sean Miller

Poetry by:

Brett E. Devlin, Kayla Knutson, Amye Nicole Bird, Andrew Bizet, Elizabeth Yates, Daniel G. Snethen, Kim L. Neidigh, Rick Sears, Leonard H. Roller, Simon Perchik, Roger Cowin, Jene Erick Beardsley, Laura Bower, Glen Gidley, M. Vadney, Leslie Milliken, Andrew Mitchell Schaeffer, John Davis, Joanne Tolson

And...a Very Special last "Journeys of Puff, the Nocturnal Sheep" cartoon!

Issue #70- $1.00 - 2010
11 copies left!

Stories by:

Ronald Brunsky, Mike Bayles, Bernadette Burke, Tim Scott, Richard Pitaniello, Juliana Laurie, Herbert J. Baker, Jerry Daniels, Len Kuntz, Ross Willard, Chris Kleist

Poetry by:

Sarah M. Lewis, prologue, Richard Pitaniello, Ron Koppelberger, C. David Hay, Greg Schmidt, Joshua Copeland, William R. Ford, Jr., Christa Bergerson, Chris Hopper, Matt H. Minor, Tony Aguilar, John Grey


Issue #69- $1.00 - 2009
10 copies left!

Stories by:

Brandon L. Meyers, J.K. Karis, Dan Buck, Whitney Lakin, Raghbir Dhillon, Richard Grebe, Tim Scott, Murphy Edwards, Jessica Brown, Melissa S. Mutlu, Gerard F. Weber, Timothy A. Boling

Poetry by:

Joshua Copeland, John Bruni, Kevin P. Amerio, Hannah Murphy, Milton Kerr, Sharon Anderson, Oldskool, prologue

Issue #68- $1.00 - 2008
26 copies left!

Stories by:

Robert Essig, Lawrence Maddox, Mike Bayles, prologue, Wanda Clevenger, Will Finnegan, Jerry G. Erwin, Lee-Ann Hardy

Poetry by:

William R. Ford, Jr., Eric Martin, Michael J. Frey, David L. Paxton, Herbert Baker, Aaron, A. Polson, Debbie Berk, Kenneth Wickson, Lauren Langham, Stephen Williams, Joanne Tolson, Eric Martin, Joanna Shirley

Issue #67- $1.00 - 2007
9 copies left!

Stories by: Dave Umberger, Stephanie Campbell, Jim Sullivan, Tim Scott, Blaise Bienvenue, Dr R Carol Ed D and R Kaufman, Melissa S Mutlu, Cyrus Gray

Poetry by: - Geoff Newman, Faith-Anne Bell, Kendall Evans, Sharon Anderson, Peter Egypt, Tom O'Connor, Matt Vernon, Richard Pitaniello, Ryan D Deardorff, Stephen Williams, Tisha Underwood, Thomas Erickson, Karla Ungurean

Issue #66- $1.00 - 2006
14 copies left!

Stories by: Rick McQuiston, R. Garrett, Tim Scott, Tom Farbman, John Gregory, Jeffrey Valka, Peter Tieryas, Shannon Western, Kenzie Stephens, Magnus

Poetry by: - Karen R Porter, Joseph Peters, LosRay Mitchell, Maria G. Bluhm, Alicia Lee, Ron Collings, Herbert J Baker, James M Ward, Debbie Berk, Justin K Welch, S D Geiger



Issue #65 - $1.00 - 2005

1 copy left - I just found this among the was originally returned to us after not being able to be delivered to subscriber Clifford if you're out's still here...for now, ha ha

Issue #63- $1.00 - 2004
1 copy left!

Stories by: Mark Lukens, Glen Proctor, John H. Stevens, Don Chenhall, J.C. Geiger, Clifford H. Colpitts, Jr., John Bruni, E.M. Pankowski

Poetry by:
Jarod Dark, Jason Huskey, K.L. Morales, Mark Allen Fee, Meghan Paczolt, Robert P. Beveridge, Christian A. Heintz, Dan Buck, Michael E Mikus, Janine Margiotta, David Musgrove, Evangeline Morgaine Hathaway, Eric Myford, Brett Taylor


Issue #62 - $1.00 - 2003

1 copy left - I just found this among the was originally returned to us after not being able to be delivered to subscriber Sebastian if you're out's still here...for now, ha ha

Issue #61- $1.00 - 2003
5copies left! (including one which was originally returned to us after not being able to be delivered to subscriber Maureen if you're out's still here...for now, ha ha)

Stories by: Steven Palukaitis, Eleanor Lohse, Jeffrey Boop, Webb Harris, Jr., Al Blanchard, Gary W. Kowalski, John Grover, and Matthew Zornes.

Poetry by:
Gary Grayson, Joseph V. Danoski, Julie Callinicos, Nik Benedict, Ned Pendergast, Sam Pittman II, Larry R. Brooks, J.D. Mitchell, David Napolin, Joseph Veronneau, Paul Truttman
and Tim DiVito

Issue #58 - $1.00 - 2001
1 copy left!

Fiction by: John C. Burr, Kent Robinson, D. Harlan Wilson, Layne Prebor, Steven E. Burt, William T. Mulcahy, Christy Predko, and Kendall Evans.

Poetry by: Stephanie Loy, Nicholas Gauthier, Linda Smolik, Julie Callinicos, Jennifer Crow, Joanne Tolson, a.h. ferguson, Elishia Pierce, E. Alan Braun, Christopher Cooper, Catherine Shaw, and prologue.

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