Marvel's Current Sales Policy and it's Effect On Our Comics

OK. Marvel is currently still undergoing financial hardship and bankruptcy. This is an important point because it helps illustrate even further how stupid their current policy is. (I'm not going to rant about all the good comics that have fallen victim to their axe, that's another page; this is just a short rant about how stupid they are).
Currently, if a title fails to bring in a profit of $10,000 or larger, it gets slated for cancellation. That means that if a good quality book is only doing, say, $5,000 in profits, it's going to get cancelled. Granted, I don't run a business of Marvel's size, but wouldn't you think that some profit is better than no profit at all? I guess they don't want to make any money, unless they make big money. I would REALLY love to see everybody stop buying X-Men or the Avengers for a month, and get them to cancel them too.

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