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Updated April 9, 2001

Don't Call It a Comeback! I've had that LL Cool J line stuck in my head for a good month now and it's fitting here. So I took a few months off from updating the webpage -- if it didn't piss you off, then you probably didn't like the page to begin with, and if it did piss you off, then hopefully you ranted about it yourself somewhere. Regardless, I've been hard at work this whole time ranting in other venues.

So anyway, a friend of mine's been in this long discussion with a friend of his about paganism, spurred on by a comic strip they viewd online at: Electric Sheep. My friend, Kel, chimed in asking me to toss in my two cents. I did, and you can find it reproduced after the "Total Quality Survey" on my Christians rant page. I must've done pretty decent in my two cents, because it shut the other guy up. That or the other guy gives in too easy. Check it out.

I am such a happy choad-monkey! My bro Chris finally came through and found out who sings "Claire Danes Poster," a song I've been trying to track down now since '97. Bout damn time. Thanks Chris!

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