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History Of The
USMC Enlisted Rank Insignia

By R.W. "Dick" Gaines
GySgt USMC (Ret.) 1952-72

All Rights Reserved

The purpose of the new site is to consolidate my previous webpages, together with newly available information/photos regarding this topic, onto one central site.
The following is a listing of webpages/links on Marine Corps Enlisted Rank History from Gunny G's Websites which have been in exisitence for the last several years. Though these pages are far from perfect in appearance, there is much information here (both general and detailed) previously not available on the Internet. Although some rank photos have been shown on my sites, my pages are incomplete due to my inability to find complete photo/image depiction of all the actual rank/insignia worn by enlisted Marines in days gone by. The pictures are indeed available in many books, etc., but due to copyright considerations, are unavailable for use on my website.
Most of these webpages I created while still finding my way around the new, to me, cyber-world with a WebTV. I've progressed somewhat since that time, but still not an expert.
Gunny G's Marines Rank Webpages!
The Lance Corporal Rank USMC

The Gunnery Sergeant Rank USMC
Pictorial History--GySgt USMC
Old Corps Enlisted Rank 1798--1958
Marines Enlisted Rank 1959--present

In addition to my own webpages above, the following additional webpages and images have recently become available on the Internet. They are a very fine pictorial achievement showing all the actual insignia worn by Old Corps enlisted Marines back through the early 1900s! I have been kindly granted permission by the owner to use this additional material here on Gunny G's. I think my webpages, now with those listed below added, hopefully, provide more of a meaningful glimpse into our Marine Corps Enlisted Rank History.

USMC/USN Reenactors Association.
USMC Rank Insignia 1912--1937 (Green)
USMC Rank Insignia 1937--2002 (Khaki)
USMC Rank Insignia 1937--2002 (Blues)

The above links do not represent all of the rank charts available on the webpage linked below. In addition to those above, that website shows several other rank charts, as well as much other information on topics of related USMC interest. Please visit the site below. Mr. Jochman requests that his website/images not be linked/used without written permission from him to do so. His e-mail address is shown on his website below.
USMC/USN Reenactors  Association
My thanks to Mr. Jaroslav Jochman for his permission for the use of his websites and images here on Gunny G's.

To Contact Gunny G, post a message to my Old Salt Marines Tavern Weblog--please do not use any of my e-mail addresses previously shown on any GyG webpages--I am expeiencing excessive spam, and I am restricting delivery of my e-mail to specific individuals only. When you post a message to me it is not visible to others until/unless I approve it--if you do not wish your message eventually posted, just indicate so in your message. GyG's Old Salt Marines Tavern Forum/Weblog!

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