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A Pictorial History Of The Gunnery Sergeant Rank In The U.S. Marine Corps.
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The Old Corps Marine "Gunny"
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Above: 1898, The newly created GySgt Rank and Insignia consisted of three chevrons, three straight bars (or "ties"), with "the insignia of the school of application," crossed naval gun and rifle, behind Anchor, Globe and Eagle.

              Above: 1904-1929, The GySgt insignia was revised to three chevrons only,  with crossed rifles behind a bursting/flaming bomb. The larger, old-style chevron shown above (top) was for use on blues only.

Above: 1929, two rockers (arcs) were added to the GySgt insigne (and also First Sergeant).
Click Here For The 1929 Rank Structure Chart!

Above: 1937, the GySgt insignia was again changed as shown. In 1946 the GySgt rank ceased to exist; however, at that time, the above insignia (formerly GySgt) became Technical Sergeant (TechSgt, TSgt) but was commonly referred to as "Gunny."

Above: The GySgt, 1959 and as it presently exists today.

Additional Information Of Interest!

Above, the Private First Class (PFC) insignia of 1917, worn on right sleeve only, and referred to as "first class private."
In 1929 the one-chevron insigne of the Lance Corporal (also worn on the right sleeve only)
was assigned to Private First Class.

Above: 1926 film, Tell It To The Marines, w/Lon Chaney as GySgt O'Hara.

Above: No explanation needed for Marines!

More detailed information regarding the history of enlisted rank structure in
      the Marine Corps is available on       Gunny G's!

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